Chicopee Public Library Civil War Exhibit

In 2013, the Library displayed a 10 case exhibit commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. The display focused on Chicopee's substantial role in the Civil War as one of "Lincoln's Arsenals". The men and women of Chicopee contributed to the Union's cause both on the battlefield and in the factories. On display are numerous swords forged by the Ames Manufacturing Company, leather accoutrements made by the Gaylord Manufacturing Company, and various memorabilia from the Civil War era.  The exhibit was the result of a collaboration between the Chicopee Historical Society and the Chicopee Public Library with the intention of educating our community about Chicopee's rich local history and its citizens important contributions to one of the most substantial wars ever fought in North America. The exhibit is no longer on display but online images may still be viewed.




Brigitte Bisaillon, Stephen Jendrysik