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Nathaniel Child
Born in Killingly, Ct._Son of Marcus Child_by occupation a Moulder_Married_At the age of 27 years, on 4 Jan’y, 1864, enlisted in the 13th Unattached Co. Heavy Artillery, afterwards Company “T”, 3d Mass. Heavy Artillery_Mustered…

The Draft of 1864
On the 20th day of May a draft was commenced at Springfield for Chicopee, and continued subsequently on June 10th, June 20th, and July 9th._The names were drawn in the following order, and the persons disposed of as specified…


Naval Enlistments

The following-named persons, residents of Chicopee, served in the United States Navy. The time and place of enlistment, and the name of the vessel on which they shipped, are given.

(Time) (Name) (Place) (Vessel)

Non-Resident Recruits

The following were assigned, Sept. 20, 1864, by the state authorities to the credit of the town towards the quota under the President’s call of July 18, 1864. These men were colored recruits, obtained by the state in the…

Enlistments in 1862
The following were obtained in 1862 by the payment of an extra bounty on the part of the town authorities. They were enlisted for nine months in the army.
Levi Miller
Charles A. Gay
William Woods
Henry Sanbrose

Enlistments in 1864

The following were obtained in 1865, by the payment of an extra bounties, on the part of the town and of the enrolled men, towards the quota assigned under the call of the President, dated Dec. 19, 1864.

They were enlisted…