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Jitneys transporting people during the holdup of the Holyoke trolleys on Grattan Street.

Local Polish people on the 130th anniversary of the adoption of the Polish Constitution

A cat sits on the porch of a Chicopee resident.

Men standing on sidewalk of Center Street on Market Square with view of City Hall.

Man walking across Exchange Street on Gasless Sunday, September 1, 1918.

West Main Street during Gasless Sunday, September 1, 1918 at 4 o'clock.

Crowd at Fisk plant contributing to the Salvation Army Drive.

Crowd at Fisk plant contributing to the Salvation Army Drive.

The whole bunch of workers at Salvation Army Drive- "Charlie" A. Ludden (Chairman).

United Presbyterian Church located on busy Market Square with pedestrians and cars passing by.

Alderman James J. Jennings stands talking to unidentified man outside Dr. Fred B. Grady's Dentist office.

Two women pose in a classroom at the Montcalm School with display of hats, shoes, musical instruments, etc.

Boy wearing sun hat posing with hoe in cornfield behind houses.

Boy working in a vegetable garden.

Woman and boy in sun hats standing in vegetable field on farm.

Member of the Aldenville Canning Club standing next to table with jarred goods and sign "Champion Canner of Chicopee Mass"

Three young members of the Aldenville Canning Club standing with their jarred goods.

Fairview woman of 73 years working in her garden.

View of Front Street from front entrance of Chicopee High School.

View of Chicopee High School from corner of Front Street & Academy Street in winter.

Chicopee High School Front Street entrance with view of clock.

World War I Memorial: Soldiers & Sailors Monument in front of Chicopee High School on Front Street.

Street view of homes, trees, and a boy with a ball on Trilby Avenue in Aldenville.

Winter landscape view of the Fisk Tire Plant looking toward the Falls on the Chicopee River from the Chicopee Isolation Hospital.

Street view of homes on Howard Street located between Springfield and School Streets.

Street view of trees, fences and houses on Fairview Avenue.

Men, women, children, and dog walking and talking on sidewalk at corner of Exchange and Center Street at Market Square with view of City Hall and Ames.

Landscape view with flower garden of Mrs. Mary S. Bemis.

Train tracks running behind Chicopee Electric Company on Front Street.

Landscape view of clotheslines, Chicopee River, Fisk Tire Plant and smoke stack.

South side of Main Street looking west from Grove street, showing excellent condition of street and homes of Chicopee Manufacturing Company empolyees.

Four story brick building that was home to Dwight Mill operatives with man, women, and children walking by.

Local home and boarding house with people walking on the sidewalk and sitting on the porch.

Homes known as "three deckers" on Front Street, opposite the high school on Front Street.

Cohn family home on the corner of Cabot and School Streets with boy walking on sidewalk.

City blocks with view of city hall, public library, Ames smoke stack, and railroad station.

View of four "three decker" apartment buildings from Riverview Terrace.

Dwight Mill Tenements with boy jumping off the sidewalk into street. Dwight Manufacturing Company gates in background.

Acting Fire Chief Frank J.G. Thetreault, Mayor James E. Higgins and Mechanic Frank Jerusik testing a new Lefrance pump.

Street view of apartment blocks with a trolley, car and Fisk Rubber Company factory smoke stack.

Corner view of prominent business building located at the corner of Springfield and Exchange Streets in downtown Market Square. People can be seen walking on the sidewalk and crossing Exchange Street.

Public library on Center Street with bunting, street view with cars and woman walking.

Firemen with a hose are seen climbing a ladder to put out a fire on the top floor of the Williams Market, which was located at 103 Main Street in Chicopee Falls. Smoke can be seen pouring out of the round window near the roof of the market.

Spectators gather on Main Street in Chicopee Falls to watch a fire in an old wooden frame building. Hanging above the crowd are electrical trolley wires. These wires powered the trolley cars which ran on Main Street in the 1920s.

Crowd standing on the sidewalk to view the fire at the Williams Market on Main Street in Chicopee Falls. To the left, a white lamp marks the entrance of the Grand Theater which was a movie theater.

Covered bridge built in 1846 connected Chicopee Center with Granby Road and Chicopee Street. The A.G. Spalding & Bros. building is directly to the left at the end of the bridge.

Pedestrians on left street corner gaze on a nearly empty square during World War I. City Hall is on the right and A.G. Spalding is in the background. During World War I the federal government proclaimed gasless Sundays in order to conserve gasoline.

Joseph M. Grise, of George Beesly Company, men's furnishings in Chicopee, speaks from the podium to the crowd assembled at the Montcalm School in Chicopee. School children holding small flags are standing in front of the podium. All are looking at…

School children in patriotic costumes form a ring around the World War I monument. In their hands they hold a large, extended sash. Near the monument a woman is laying a floral decoration, while two women assist and look on.

Eight Red Cross nurses are standing adjacent to their truck. The nurse in the middle is holding an embroidered cross, the symbol of their organization. Two nurses, standing on each side of her, hold two small flags which frame the cross. Their…

A group of young women lead the procession to the dedication of the World War I monument at the Montcalm School in Chicopee. They are carrying an oversized, unfurled American flag.

On the podium in front of the Montcalm School, school children are singing at the dedication ceremony of the World War I monument. Their choral director leads them and other school children are holding American flags standing in front of the podium.…

Chicopee Mayor, James E. Higgins, stands to the left on a decorated podium in front of the Montcalm School. Standing in a group on the right side of the podium is James C. Buckley, City Clerk and Chairman of the World War I Monument Dedication…

A closeup of the World War I monument after the formal unveiling ceremony. The top portion of the monument has an engraving of two American flags, one facing to the left and the other to the right. Under this engraving there is an inscription which…

A girl scout troop is standing in a two-by-two formation on the walkway of a public school. Preparing to march with their captain in the parade on Memorial Day, they are dressed in their scout uniforms and campaign hats. This was a type of hat worn…

Scoutmaster Champion stands to the right of the scouts in his troop who are in a parade formation. Dressed in their uniforms and campaign hats, they are preparing to march in Chicopee on Memorial Day.

On Memorial Day boy scouts are gathered for an observance at Maple Grove Cemetery. This cemetery is located on Auburn Street in Chicopee Center. Established in 1836, it was originally named the Cabotville Burying Ground.

Men dressed in suits and summer hats are standing next to a colorful automobile on Exchange Street in Chicopee. The automobile is decorated with American flags, flowers, and patriotic bunting. It was entered in the Memorial Day parade by the…

A group of young women wearing summer dresses walk in the procession at Calvary Cemetery. Behind them is the long line of the procession led by by a marcher carrying the flag. Calvary consists of twenty-five acres of land and is on Hampden Street in…

Led by policemen and a brass band, scouts enter Calvary Cemetery on Memorial Day. Calvary was built by John Chase in 1836 and it is one of the oldest Catholic cemeteries in Chicopee.

Four young girl scouts who are members of a troop sponsored by the "Polish National Alliance" are carrying a floral display on Memorial Day. A banner on the right side of the display shows the initials "PNA" which stand for the alliance.

Young spectators are walking alongside a uniformed brass band which is leading a Memorial Day parade near Market Square in Chicopee center. Directly behind, the rest of the parade is making its way from the Square.

On Memorial Day parade marchers are walking west on Exchange Street from Market Square in Chicopee center. On the left, a pipe band in kilts is playing and two marchers behind them are carrying flags.

An empty grandstand on Memorial Day, 1921, decorated in red, white and blue bunting. In the background, spectators are awaiting the dignitaries who will preside at the ceremonies on this day.

A front view of the plaque placed on the pedestal of the Soldiers & Sailors Monument. A metallic eagle is perched on the plaque which bears the following inscription: "Chicopee erects this monument in grateful memory of all her sons who served on…

A portion of the estimated 12,000 people who celebrated Memorial Day in Chicopee in 1921. The spectators, standing in front of the newly built Chicopee High School on Front Street, are gazing at the festivities near the monument.

A view of a bronze statue done by Melzar H. Mozman, a prominent sculptor from Chicopee. The heroic woman stands on a pedestal of granite. In her right hand she holds a wreath, and in her left a shield which is a tribute to the fallen of World War I.

Mr. Seaver is walking westward in downtown Market Square. On the left is the Starzyk Building and on the right is the City Hall clock tower. Mr. Seaver was the treasurer of the Chicopee Savings Bank which was located in the square.

Two young women from the Fairview section of Chicopee are standing behind their beehives. On the left is Miss Ethel T. Dyer who was the supervisor of the Aldenville Canning Club.

Collection of beehives which were distributed to students who tended the public school gardens in Chicopee.

View of the dam in Chicopee Falls. The dam was built in the 1820s as a power source for burgeoning industries. On the left is a cluster of buildings which was the Belcher and Taylor Agricultural Tool Company. After the Civil War they supplied…

Area in the Willimansett section of Chicopee formed by the convergence of Chicopee and Meadow Streets resembling the letter Y. Looking southward, Meadow Street is on the left and Chicopee Street is on the right side. In the 1930s, the Y Cash Market,…

Gatekeeper and watchman, John Sullivan, is seated on the right next to another individual at the entrance of A.G. Spalding & Bros., a manufacturer of sporting goods. Located in Chicopee center on the banks of the Chicopee River, Spalding had a metal…

Solin's Market was located at 110 West Street in the west end of Chicopee. Grocer with apron is standing on the left under the awning of the market.

Business block at 695 Grattan Street in the Aldenville section of Chicopee. Two men are standing in front of the Aldenville Cash Market; on the left is J. A. Lamothe Druggist.

Buckley's Newsroom and Tobacco Shop was located at 268 Exchange Street, off of Market Square. The sign in the window is exhorting customers to buy liberty bonds to help finance the military expenses of World War I.

Front view of prominent business building located at thecorner of Springfield and Exchange Streets in downtown Market Square. A few people can be seen walking on the sidewalk in front of thebuilding past a small group that has gathered at the right