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Jarvis P. Kelly
Born in Berne, N.Y._Son of Jarvis Kelly_by occupation a Machinist,_Married_at the age of 29 enlisted for three years in the 37th Regiment of Infantry, Mass. Vols.
July 24th 1862, he was elected Captain of the company raised in…

Thirty-Seventh Regiment of Infantry-Mass. Vols. Chronology
ON the 1st. of July, 1862, President Lincoln called for 300.000 more volunteers for the war; and accordingly Governor Andrew made a requisition on the several towns of Massachusetts for…

Abram Smith
Born in Middlesex, N.Y._Son of Joseph Smith_By occupation a Moulder_Married_At the age of 26 on 16 July, 1862, enlisted for 3 years in the 34th Reg. Massachusetts Vol. Infantry_Mustered 31 July and assigned to Co. “D”_Rank…

George H. Whipple
Born in Bethlehem, N.Y._Son of Christopher Whipple_Occupation at date of Enlistment a Machinist_Married_On the 25th July 1864, at the age of 26 years, enlisted for three years in the 32nd Reg. Mass. Infantry Vols, Company “A”. …

Alcott Edgerton
Born in Vernon, CT._Son of {Edwin} Edgerton_By occupation a Mechanic_Married_At the age of 24 years, on 17 July, 1863, enlisted for 3 years in the 32d Regiment Mass. Vol. Infantry_Mustered in {Botagast} and assigned to Company…

Alonzo Hasty
Born in Webster, Me._Son of Rob. Hasty_By occupation a Farmer_Single_At the age of 25, on 17 July, 1863, Enlisted for 3 years in the 31st Reg. Mass. Vol. Inf._Mustered same date and assigned to Company “{E}”_Rank Private
He took…

Stephen Wall
Born in N.Y. City_Son of John Wall_By occupation a Hostler_At the age of 24 years, on 5th November, 1861, enlisted for 3 years in 31st Reg. Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry and was assigned to Company “E”._Rank Private which grade…

Patrick Walsh
Born in Ireland_Son of Don. Walsh_By occupation a Laborer_Single_At the age of about 22 years, on 5 Nov. 1861, Enlisted for 3 years in 31st Reg. Mass. Vol. Inf_Mustered on 20 Nov._Assigned to Company “E”_Rank Private, subsequently…

Thomas Morin
Born in Ireland_Son of Pat. Morin_by occupation a Laborer_Single_at the age of 19, on Nov. 5. 1861 enlisted for 3 years in the 31st Reg. Massachusetts Inf. Vols. Company “E”. Rank Private with no subsequent changes.
He took part…

Michael O’Connor
Born in Ireland_Son of Edmund O’Connor_By occupation a Laborer_Married_at the age of 34 years, on 23rd August, 1864, enlisted for 3 years in the 31st Reg. Massachusetts Vols. Infantry_Mustered on 8th Sept., 1864, and assigned to…