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Michael H. Moffatt.

Born in Ireland,___Son of Bartholomew Moffatt,___bu occupation a Tailor,___Unmarried,___at the age of 20 enlisted for three years in the 10th. Regiment of Infantry, Mass. Vols.__Company F.__
Mustered into service June 21,…

Michael J. Houlihan
Born in Ireland,_son of Patrick Houlihan,_by occupation a Machinist,_Unmarried,_at the age of 17 enlisted for three years in the 37th Regmint of Infantry, Mass. Vols._Company A._Mustered into service August 15, 1862._Rank Private…

Michael Kavanagh

Born in Ireland,___Son of Thos. Kavanagh___By occupation a Laborer___Single___At the age of 22, on 9th Octo., 1861, Enlisted for 3 years in the 27th Reg. Massachusetts Infantry Vols. and assigned to Company "G"__Ranks Private with…

Michael Keating
Born in Ireland,_Son of Michael Keating,_By occupation a Cotton Spinner,_Married,_at the age of 24 years on Sept. 5, 1864, enlisted for 3 years as a recruit in the 31st Reg. Massachusetts Infantry Vols._Mustered in same date_Rank…

Michael Kennedy

Born in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia___Son of John Kennedy___By occupation a Laborer___Single___At the age of 21 years, on Aug. 5, 1861, enlisted for 3 years, in the 21st Reg. Massachusetts Vol. Infantry___Mustered in Aug. 16, 1861, and…

Michael KilKelly
Born in {Kinanar}, Ireland_Son of Michael KilKelly_by occupation a laborer_At the age of 21, Aug 20,1862, enlisted for 3 years in the 37th Reg. Mass. Inf. Vol’s, Company “K”_Mustered into the service 27 Aug. 1862._Rank during…

Michael Leary
Born in Boston_Son of Michael Leary_by occupation a Tailor_Married_At the age of 29, on 11 August 1862, enlisted for 3 years in the 37th Reg. Massachusetts vol. Infantry_Mustered same date and assigned to company “K”.

Michael Meagher
Born in Ireland,_Son of Dennis Meagher,_by occupation a Laborer,_Married,_at the age of 29 enlisted for nine months in the 46th Regiment of Infantry, Mass. Vols. Company D._Mustered into service September 25th, 1862.
He served in…

Michael Moriarty
Born in Ireland_Son of Morris Moriarty_By occupation a Laborer_At the age of 19 on March 28, 1864, enlisted for one (1) year in the U.S. Navy_Unmarried.
Was sent on board receiving ship “North Carolina”, from which he was…

Michael Murphy

Born in Ireland.___Son of William Murphy,___by occupation a Laborer,___Married,___at the age of 26 enlisted for three years in the 27th. Regiment of Infantry, Mass. Vols.__Company G.__
Mustered into service, September 20, 1861, at…