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Davis M Martin
Died at {unreadable} Sunday
{unreadable} 7 1862 Aged 20 years
as {unreadable} of {unreadable} Reg NH Vol

This Alphabet contains the names of all those residents of Chicopee who volunteered, or were by draft held, to the military service of the United States, during the years 1861-2-3-4-5

In the latter part of the Record, may be found a list of Naval…

Adams, Marcellus M. 91.
Aitcheson, John S. 90.
Adams, Henry S. 20.
Alden, George J. 106.
Adams, John C. 23.
Acres, Horace H. 114
Arbuckle, Frederic 34.
Armitage, James W. 266.
Abbey, Abner M. 275
Atkins, William H.
Alden, Albert s.…

Tenth Regiment of Infantry-Mass. Vols.

In response to a proclamation, issued by President Lincoln May 3rd 1861, calling for a force of volunteers to serve for three years, unless sooner discharged, and in conformity with a General Order, issued by…

J. Albert Winn {16} Co.---I
Napoleon Trudeau {---} " "
Austin Cook {---} " "
William H. Atkins {---} " "
Edwin F. Griffin {44} " "
Charles A. Smith…

coolly formed on the ground and became again a perfect regiment, minus its missing members. During the entire afternoon the regiment was actively engaged, and received from Gen. Keyes; the Corps Commander, and Gen. Devens, the brigade Commander, much…

distance of thirty two miles, in twenty four hours. October 22nd they marched back to Cherry Run Ford, on the 25th and 26th to Downsville, and on the 30th and 31st to Berlin, Maryland. November 2nd, they crossed the Potomac at the last-named place…

June 23rd, an order was received from headquarters of the army, calling for one hundred and twenty five men to guard a valuable commissary train to Gainesville; a high compliment to the regiment, and the duty important and dangerous, as this was the…

at the same time in front and on the right flank, the Command suffered a loss of 115 men. The men stood bravely till their ammunition was exhausted, when they were relieved by the 7th Mass. Retiring over the crest of a hill, they supplied themselves…

for picket duty; at 3 A.M. 13th was withdrawn, marched to and across Jones' Bridge on the Chickahominy same day; 14th, formed its Brigade and marched to Charles City Court House; 16th, marched to James River, and crossed about disk on pontoons; night…