Enlistments in 1862


Enlistments in 1862
The following were obtained in 1862 by the payment of an extra bounty on the part of the town authorities. They were enlisted for nine months in the army.
Levi Miller
Charles A. Gay
William Woods
Henry Sanbrose
Thomas Gillillan
James Willet
Albert Brewer
A.L. Cowley

The following were obtained in 1864, by the payment of extra bounties on the part of the town and of the enrolled men, towards the quota assigned under the call of the President, dated July 18, 1864.
Their terms of service, and regiments are given.
(Term) (Names) (Regiment)
One Year William Riley 2nd Heavy Artillery, Mass. Vols
“ “ George A. Hannum
“ “ William D. Hayden
“ “ William L. Crosby
“ “ Henry Knight
“ “ John Markey
“ “ Jerome B. Johnson
“ “ Lewis Johnson
“ “ Leonard Streeter
“ “ Michael McMahon
three “ Patrick Navin
“ “ Cornelius McCarty
One “ Misrael Messier 31st. Reg. Infantry
“ “ Otis M. Hendrick
Three “ Austin J. Crane
One “ Daniel Liemey 1st. Reg. Cavalry
“ “ Charles Snow 6th Battery
“ “ Frederick O. Lathrop
“ “ Randolp E. Lathrop
“ “ Julius Perry 61st Reg. Infantry
“ “ Franklin Colton
“ “ Francis Finnegan
“ “ Michael Callahan
“ “ Charles W. Litchfield
“ “ Patrick Barry
“ “ Philip F. Nichols
“ “ Daniel C. Shay
One Year William A. Brown 61st Reg. Infantry_Mass. Vols
" " Samuel S. Parker
" " Samuel S. Pratt 25th Co. Unattached H. Art'y
" " George H. Wesson
three " John Buckley 16th
One " Albert Walker 25th
" " John O'Hearn 18th
" " James Taylor
Henry Batchelter
James W. Olcott
William Gatsly
One Year Matthew Russell 27th
" " Stephen Jennings 2nd Battery Light Cert.
" " Charles F. Cook 12th
" " Fitz Roy Gregor 2nd
" " Simon Slaughter 54th Reg. Infantry
three " Sanuel Adair 2nd Reg. Cavalry
One " Frank Andrew 4th
" " John W. Dyer
" " M.F. Fied
" " John Sullivan
Capt. Charles P. Winslow
1st Lieut John Jones
2nd William W. Fay
Blenand Barrill Veteran Reserve Corps
Thomas Collins
Robert W. Edwards
George A. Lindsay
One Year Richard Seppeler 2nd Reg. Infantry
John Hackett Navy
Edward Martell
Patrick Dunn
Michael Gannon
Charles F. Harwood
John Farrell
Richard Gerry
James Morrissey
John D. Murray
Richard Crowley
One Year George E. Baldwin 25th Co. Unattached H. Art'y_Mass. Vols
James Burke Veteran Reserve Corps


ca. 1861-1865


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