Maurice Phelan, Civil War Soldier


Maurice Phelan
Born in Ireland_Son of {Jas.} Phelan_Married_At the age of 25 years on Sept. 1, 1861, enlisted in the U.S. Navy for 3 years.
{???} first on board receiving Ship “North Carolina”, thence to Brooklyn Nay Yard, when after a stay of nine (9) days was drafted to gun-boat “Gen. {???}” of the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron under Adm. Goldsborough. For fifteen (15) months did duty as coal-heaver on this vessel. Was then transferred to the receiving ship “Brandywine”, lying then in Hampton Roads, on which did duty for six (6) weeks. Then ws transferred to this monitor “{Westwoken}”. In this vessel participated in the first attack on Charleston, S.C. Served on here for eleven (11) months till here foundering near Ft. Wagner in a storm. By this disaster Thirty-one (31) of the {crew} {???}.
Phelan narrowly excepted death, having been rescued by a boat of the “Ironsides”. Was then sent on board the “Supply”, on which he remained two (2) months. Then for nine (9) months served on the sloop of war “Pawnee”, after which was sent home by gun-boat “Paul Jones”, arrived in Boston Sept. 6, 1864.
Phelan having lost his discharge could no give date for same but is was early in Sept. 1864.


ca. 1861-1865


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