Warren Bullen, Civil War Soldier


Warren Bullens
Born in Chicopee. Son of Ira Bullens. By occupation a Harness Maker. Singl. At the age of 17, on Jan’y 26, 1864, enlisted for 3 years in the 25th Reg. N.Y. Cavalry Vol’s, Company “B”. Mustered into service Feb. 20, 1864. Rank Private.
Joined his Reg. at their camp at Riker’s Island, N.Y. harbor having enlisted in N.Y. City. The camp was afterwards transferred to Saratoga N.Y. on Feb. 12, 1864. There he remained occupied in the ordinary duties of a soldier’s life in camp till about close of March 1864, when the command was ordered to report at Camp {Stoneman}, near {Go’sboro}, below Washington.
From this date he took part in the several campaigns and battles and skirmishes in which the command was engaged. In the campaign of the Shenandoah under Sheridan he was present with his Reg. and took part in several engagements.
Bullens was promoted to the rank of Corporal in his {Co’y} Jan’y 7th, 1865, and retained that grade till discharged.
The campaign under Sheridan in the Shenandoah was the final campaign of his Reg. which lay engaged in the ordinary duties of camp and garrison till ordered home the third week in June. The Reg. lay in camp at Hart’s Island, N.Y. harbor till mustered out on 26 June, 1865. Though mustered out at this date Bullens did not receive his discharge till 7 July. Subsequently he returned to Chicopee.
Died in Chicopee July 14, 1898


ca. 1861-1865


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