George W. McElwain, Civil War Soldier


George W. McElwain
Born in Ware Village, Md. Son of William McElwain_By occupation a Manufacturer_Married_At the age of 25, ion 15, Octo., 1861, enlisted for 3 years in the 24th Reg. Infantry, Mass. Vol’s, Company “K”. Mustered into the U.S. Service 17 Octo., 1861, as Private.
Participated in all the marches, campaigns and battles of the Reg. with the Exceptions hereinafter specified..Was engaged in the following actions: Roanoke Island, Newbern, {Little} Washington, Those of the Goldsboro Expedition, those of the siege of Morris Island including both assaults of Ft. Wagner, those of Butter’s advance up the James River in May 1864, together with all those while Reg. was part of the Army of the James. An attack of chills and fever precluded his participation in two of the skirmishes of the {Tacboro} Expedition, in N.C., in 1867. Was on duty with his Reg. at St. Augustine and Jacksonville, Fla., in 1863 and 1864, with the exception of the illness alluded to, which was of brief duration, was always well. During his term was never confined in Hospital was never on furlough. In the siege of Wagner, a shell exploded in the Earth work behind which his company was sheltered and so {???} himself and three comrades with {diet} as to make estrication impossible till they {???} dug out. On 3 Sept., 1864, while exchanging newspapers with the enemy’s outposts, within enemy’s lines, was taken prisoner. Was held in custody but 3 {hours} and was then released, the rebel officer in command of outpost, thinking his computer dishonorable.
Mustered out of service 15, Octo., 1864. Arrived in Chicopee 20 October.


ca. 1861-1865


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