James McGinley, Civil War Soldier


James McGinley
Born in England,_Son of William McGinley,_by occupation a Carpenter,_Unmarried,_at the age of 19 enlisted for three years in the 5th Regiment of Cavalry, N.Y. Vols._Company D._
Enlisted Sept. 20, 1861, and was sent to the regimental rendezvous on Staten Island._In November, 1861, he was appointed Corporal of the company; and in September, 1863, was promoted to Sergeant.
In November, 1861, the regiment moved from camp to Annapolis, Md. In April, 1862, ordered to Harper’s Ferry, to join the force of Gen. Banks. Served in all the engagements in that department during that season. From June to October, 1862, Companies B. and D were detached from the regiment, and detailed to serve in the artillery. Fought thus in the battle of Antietam._Rejoined the regiment for cavalry service, at Long Bridge and remained there through the following winter on picket duty._
The regiment was not engaged in the Battle of Chancellorsville._
June 30, 1863, the regiment was comprised and attacked near Hanover, Pa., and suffered considerable loss, although coming off victorious. McGinley received flesh wounds in the left arm and near the left eye. In temporary hospital at Hanover, 16 days._Thence to Baltimore Md. To McKinn’s Mansion Hospital, and there remained till August 10, 1863._Then sent ot “Dismounted Camp” near Alexandria, Va. September 3, 1863, rejoined the regiment at Hartwood Church, Va. Thence the regiment moved to Culpepper, and became engaged with the rebels there,_also, afterwards, at Bealton, Brady Station, Orange Court House._On the retreat of Gen Meade’s forces to Warrenton, Va. The force was surprised by Stuart’s Cavalry, October 19, 1863. McGinley was made prisoner, with many others._Taken to Richmond. In Libby Prison two days._At Belle Island till February 1864._Thence to Andersonville, Ga._While at Andersonville, he was sick about ten days. September 5, 1864, was sent to Savannah, Ga._About a month afterward, was sent to Millen, Ga._There, by paying the captain of the guard thirty dollars, he bribed him to send him, with a large number of prisoners, to Savannah for exchange. Arrived there November 19th’ was paroled and sent to Annapolis, Md. Furloughed from Annapolis 30 days from Dec. 1st, and visited Chicopee._At expiration of furlough, returned to Annapolis. Sent to New York City, and there mustered out of service January 12, 1865._Returned to Chicopee._


ca. 1861-1865


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