Zachary L. Damon, Civil War Soldier


Zachary L. Damon
Born in Chicopee, Mass._Son of Charles E. Damon,_by occupation a Machinist,_Unmarried,_at the age of 18 enlisted for one year as a recruit in the 3rd Regiment of Cavalry, Mass. Vols. And was assigned to Company M.
In the latter part of 1864, an order was issued for the raising of a regiment of cavalry for one year’s service on the Canada border. December 31, 1864, Damon enlisted for this service, and was sent to camp of organization at Readville, Mass._It was soon found, however, that more than the complement of men were enlisted, and those in excess were allowed the choice of a regiment already in the field. Damon selected the 3rd Cavalry, and was assigned as above. The record of Damon thence forward is identical with that of this Reg. He took aprt in the march on the {???} and with his Regiment returned east. He was mustered out of the U.S. service on 20th of Sept., 1865, and thereafter returned to his home in Chicopee.
He rec’d one furlough during his term of service for {three} days to visit his home.


ca. 1861-1865


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