Frederic Waite, Civil War Soldier


Frederick Waite
Born in Dunbarton, N.H._Son of Augustus White,_by occupation a Farmer,_Unmarried,_at the age of 18 enlisted for nine months in the 46th Regiment of Infantry, Mass. Vols. Company D._Mustered into service September 25th, 1862.
The only important movement in which he took part with the regiment, was the Goldsboro Expedition.
Previous to going to Plymouth, he had been sick several weeks with fever, but had so nearly recovered that he accompanied the regiment. At Plymouth about the first of April, 1863, he was attacked with measles. About the middle of April it was decided by the Federal authorities for some reason_probably, apprehension of a rebel attack in force_to evacuate Plymouth. Therefore, on the 18th of April all the troops were ready to embark for Newbern, the sick having been carried into the boats’ cabins. But a countermanding order was given, and the men were returned to their quarters. The sick, however, were carried forward to Newbern.
In his low state of disease, Waite was unable to endure the change, and rapidly sank away.
He died in Foster Hospital at Newbern, on Monday, April 20th, 1863.
His remains were buried in the cemetery attached to the hospital.


ca. 1861-1865


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