Charles H. Livermore, Civil War Soldier


Charles H. Livermore
Born in Lowell, Mass._Son of Sidney A. Livermore,_by occupation a Mechanic,_Unmarried,_at the age of 25 enlisted for nine months in the 46th Regiment of Infantry, Mass. Vols._Company D.
Mustered into service September 25th, 1862, and was appointed 5th Sergeant. During the whole term of service he acted as Commissar Sergeant.
He performed his part of every duty and movement,_Goldsboro Expedition, Trent Road reconnoissances, at Plymouth, Gum Swamp affair, and the Maryland Campaign.
On the march through Maryland, he was the only Sergeant that attended the company.
Returned with the company to Chicopee, arriving on the 21st of July.
Mustered out of service, July 29th; 1863, at Springfield, Mass.
Died March 19. 1909
{Former} dead in Bed at {Goff} {House}


ca. 1861-1865


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