John P. Buffum, Civil War Soldier


John P. Buffum
Born in Pelham, Mass._Son of Thomas Buffum,_by occupation a Moulder,_Married,_at the age of 26 enlisted for nine months in the 46th Regiment of Infantry, Mass. Vols._Company D._Mustered into service September 25th, 1862.
After the arrival of the regiment at Newbern, N.C._Buffum was sick and off duty for several weeks. For this reason when the advance towards Goldsboro was ordered, he was not allowed by the surgeon to join his comrades. But several hours after the troops had left Newbern, Buffum and a private of the 3rd N.Y. Cvalry took the cars and proceeded some distance towards Kinston. Leaving the railroad, they travelled on till they came to a house, some four miles from Kinston, where they found three rebel soldiers, who had run away from Kinston when the fight began. The three rebels were quickly made prisoners and the property were taken back to the Federal lines and delivered up.
Buffum and his companion returned in safety to Newbern; therefore he did not go on the Trent Road reconnoissances.
Served with the regiment on the Gum Swamp Expedition. In the march through Maryland, he was obliged to fall behind and to return to Baltimore.
Returned from Baltimore to Chicopee, via Boston, with the sick and convalescents, arriving July 22nd, under orders to report on arrival of the regiment.
Mustered out of service July 29th, 1863, at Springfield, Mass.


ca. 1861-1865


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