John Moore Jr., Civil War Soldier


John Moore Jr.

Born in Goshen, Mass. ___ Son of John I. Moore, ___ by occupation a Mechanic, ___ Married, ___ t the age of 31 enlisted as a recruit in the 27th Regiment of Infantry, Mass. Vols.
He enlisted at Springfield August 14, 1862 and was sent to camp at Cambridge, Mass. ___ Was forwarded to Newbern, N.C. where he joined the regiment, and was assigned to Company G on the 8th of September, 1862.
About three weeks after his arrival there, he was sick with fever and ague, and remained in hospital at Beaufort about six weeks.
In the spring of 1863 he was off duty about two months for the same reason, part of the time in hospital. (During winter of 1862-3 he was at Plymouth all the time with the regiment)
The 1st of July 1863, he was detailed as assistant jailer in the Craven Ct. Jail, Newbern and served in that capacity until the end of August, ___ then he was transferred to the Invalid Corps, 13th Company of 2nd Battalion, and sent to New York for provost duty, arriving the 9th of September.
October 24th, he was again attacked with fever and ague, and taken to Central Park Hospital.
Discharged from service, and arrived home in Chicopee December 23, 1863. Died in Chicopee July 2, 1875.


ca. 1861-1865


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