John H. Maxfield, Civil War Soldier


John H. Maxfield

Born in New Bedford, Mass. ___ Son of Barnabas Maxfield, ___ by occupation a Tailor, ___ Married, ___ at the age of 41 enlisted for three years in the 27th Regiment of Infantry, Mass. Vols. Company G. ___ At the formation of the company, was appointed Corporal, ___ He accompanied the regiment from Springfield to Annapolis MD, thence on transport via Fortress Monroe to Roanoke Island, NC, where he engaged in the battle fought on the 8th of February, 1862. Was Sick with fever on transport from Roanoke Island to Newbern, and therefore was not able to participate in the Battle of Newbern, March 14th, 1862, by reason of disability, and returned to Chicopee.
February 25, 1864 he enlisted as a veteran in the 57th Regiment of Infantry, Mass. Vols. ___ but on the surgeon’s examination, he was rejected.


ca. 1861-1865


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