Samuel Morse, Civil War Soldier


Samuel Morse

Born in Hubbardston, Mass. ____ Son of William Morse, ___ by occupation a Painter, ___ Unmarried, ___ at the age of 25 enlisted for three years in the 27th Regiment of Infantry, Mass. Vols. ___ Company G.
Mustered into service in September 1861, and was appointed 3rd Sergeant at the organization of the company.
Soon after the Battle of Roanoke Island he was taken sick, and continued off duty till the first of April, 1862; he therefore did not take part in the Battle of Newbern.
October 31st, 1862, he was promoted to Orderly Sergeant of his company.
Furloughed November 14, 1863 for 15 days, and visited Chicopee. With the above exceptions, he participated in all movements and duties of the company until December 23, 1863; at which date he reenlisted for three years as a veterans volunteer in the same regiment. He received the prescribed furlough of 30 days, dated February 4th, 1864, and visited his friends in Chicopee.
In his return to the regiment at Norfolk, VA, he was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant of Company G and was commissioned by Gov. Andrew under date of March 1864. (The commission was dated back to Dec. 8, 1863, though not announced or received till the March following.)
In the Battle of Cold Harbor, VA, June 3, 1864, during a charge on a rebel battery, he was instantly killed by a rifle ball passing through his head. He is said to have been buried on the battle-field.


ca. 1861-1865


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