Marshall M. Elliott, Civil War Soldier


Marshall M. Elliott

Born at Shipston, Canada East,___Son of Worcester Elliott,___by occupation a Machinist,___Married,___at the age of 27 enlisted for three years in the 27th Regiment of Infantry, Mass. Vols._Company G.___Mustered into service September 20th 1861, and was appointed 2nd Sergeant of the Company.
About a week before the regiment left Annapolis, MD. he was taken down with measles, and carried to hospital. But when the expedition was ready to start for North Carolina, he joined his company on board the transport, but was wholly unfit for duty. Was not well enough to participate in the Battle of Roanoke Island, and therefore remained on the transport in the meantime.__In the Battle of Newbern he took part. For several weeks after this affair, was unwell, and staid off duty around his quarters; during a part of this time he acted as a nurse to Cornelius Cone, then sick with fever.
On the 20th of August, 1862, Elliott was attacked with intermittent fever, and carried to Beaufort Hospital. Here his health improved, and for several weeks he acted as hospital nurse, transferred to Stanley Hospital at Newbern, sometime in the latter part of October. Discharged from that hospital January 31st 1863, and arrived at his home in Chicopee February 9th following.
July 17th, 1863, Elliott was drafted for service in the army for three years, but on examination before the Board of Enrollment he was exempted on account of physical disability.
On the 7th of December, 1863, he enlisted for three years in the 2nd Mass. Heavy Artillery. He immediately after joined the regiment at Newbern, N.C. and was assigned to Company G.__He received the warrant of Sergeant and was mustered in at Readville, Mass., 7 Dec'r, 1863. Thence he went to Norfolk, Va., where, at Ft. Roake, till July 1, 1864, was stationed. On that date, was transferred to Plymouth, N.C., and was in garrison at Ft. William till 20th April, when was taken prisoner and sent to Andersonville, Ga. Till 12th Sept., he was confined there, after which for a fortnight, at Charleston, S.C., thence till March 1, 1865, at Florence, S.C., at which date he was released and rejoined our army at Wilmington, N.C. From Wilmington he was sent to Annapolis, where in the Parole Camp he continued till early in June, at which time, June 5, he was returned to his Company, then at Ft. Macon, N.C., at which place he did duty till July 11, when he was mustered out of the service at Newbern, N.C. Thereafter he rerturned to Chicopee. Died in Chicopee Oct 3 1874.


ca. 1861-1865


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