Cornelius Cone, Civil War Soldier


Cornelius Cone
Born in Colchester, VT___ Son of Randall Cone,___ By occupation a farmer, ___ Unmarried,___ At the age of 23 enlisted in the 27th Regiment Infantry, Mass. Vols. for three years, and was mustered into service September 20th 1861,___ Promoted to Corporal of five Company,___ Co. G.____ Served in all the movements of the regiment, engaging in the battles of Roanoke Island, and Newbern, until March 15th 1862, which was the day following the battle of Newbern.
On that day, he was attacked with typhoid fever. He was not carried to the hospital for several days, because the surgeons were fully occupied in care of the wounded in the recent battle. The disease, therefore, became firmly seated, and medical assistance came too late for his recovery. He died in the regimental hospital on the 25th of March, 1862, and his remains were deposited in the Cemetery at Newbern.
Lieut. John S. Aitcheson wrote of him: “He was one of the finest young men we had in the regiment; he was always prompt on duty, led an exemplary life, and showed in every respect that he was a man of pure heart and earnest Christian faith. The records of this war will have few names more kindly remembered in its list of victims than that of Cornelius Cone.”


ca. 1861-1865


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