Daniel Mckinney, Civil War Soldier


Daniel McKinney.

Born in Ireland,___Son of Daniel McKinney,___by occupation a Laborer,___Unmarried,___at the age of 18 enlisted for three years in the 40th. Regiment of Infantry, N.Y. Vols.__Company E.__Mustered into service June 14, 1861.
Refer to 406.
The regiment served in all Gen. McClellan's peninsular campaign in Virginia, but was actively engaged only in the Battle of Williamsburg and the Battle of Fair Oaks.
Returned in season to Alexandria to participate in Gen. Pope's Battle of Bull Run, August 29th and 30th 1862, and at Chantilly, September 1st.__
In the Maryland Campaign, which followed immediately, the regiment went no further than the Monocacy River, and therefore did not take part in the battles of South Mountain , and Antietam.
In the battle of Fredericksburg, December, 1862, the regiment suffered heavy loss, being exposed, though only a short time, to a terrible cross-fire.
Engaged at Chancellorsville, May, 1863__and at Gettysburg the July following.
December 28, 1863, McKinney reenlisted for three years as a veteran volunteer in the same regiment. Received the prescribed furlough of 30 days, dated Jan. 7, 1864, and visited Chicopee.


ca. 1861-1865


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