Chronology (November 13, 1864 - July 8, 1865)


for picket duty; at 3 A.M. 13th was withdrawn, marched to and across Jones' Bridge on the Chickahominy same day; 14th, formed its Brigade and marched to Charles City Court House; 16th, marched to James River, and crossed about disk on pontoons; night of 16th and day of 17th marched, and, towards dusk 17th, arrived within 1 1/2 m's of Petersburgh; at {unreadable} night ordered to support picket line; 18th carried a {unreadable} of rifle-hits on its front gaining about 1/2 mile of ground, and erected strong rifle-hits, loss of 7 men wounded. 19th, Reg relieved, ordered to rrear, and camped near Corps Hd qrs.; 20th while in waiting to receive orders to proceed homeward, enemy opened heavily from their batteries on the opposite bank of the Appomatox. Serg. Maj. Geo. F. Polley was struck and almost instantly killed. This loss created a gloom over the homeward trip begun that day; 21st June buried Polley at City Point, and took boat for Washington, which reached 22d. After numerous delays reached Springfield, Mass. 25th June, where the Command rec'd an enthusiastic welcome. Reg. was furloughed till 8 July, when was mustered out of service after a service of three years and sixtreen days.
None can even casually review the career of the 10th without being struck with admiration for the fortitude and heroic gallantry of its members. Though their {unreadable} are common to nearly every Reg. which Massachusetts has sent forth, {unreadable} or of the Western section of the State cannot but feel a pride wholly pardonable in the manly spirit which these our friends, our brothers, our sons, our fathers, so grandly illustrated. It should be a cause of genuine, deep thankfulness, that throughout its career, the Reg. bore a name which was never tarnished Chicopee ought never to forget the names of those who either at the front or in {unreadable} by disease, were stricken down from the cause to which I doubt not each one was ardently devoted. The names of Magrath, of Robertson, of Moffat, of Justin and of Porter, should be held to sacred, because of their faithfulness and heroism, to die out from constant and active remembrance.
On the discharge, 8 July, or muster out, of members of the 10th, the regimental organization ceased its existence. The re-enliusted men were merged with the 37th Reg. Mass. Infantry Vols.


ca. 1861-1865


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