Streets, Etc., In Chicopee, Chicopee City Directory 1875-76


Streets, Etc., In Chicopee.

Abbey, from junction of West, Center and Hampden, to Kimball.
Ash, from Center, opposite Chestnut, to
Bullens, from Exchange to School,
between Chestnut and West.
Cabot, from Front south to Center, opposite Union Canal.
Canal, from Front northerly and easterly
to Grape.
Center, from Market Square south-west to
Chapin, from Springfield westward, between South street and Newton avenue.
Chestnut, from Exchange. near Depot,
and Newton avenue, to Center.
Chapman, from Springfield, opposite
High, to School.
Cross, from Center, between School and
Union to Chapin.
Davenport Avenue, from Springfield
to Hampden, south of Chestnut Grove
Depot, from Exchange to Front.
Dublin, from West to C. R. U.. between
.Emerald and Tremont. ,
Dwight, from junction of Park and Cabot to Front.
East, from Springfield, opposite South,
Elm, from Grape, to Maple.
Emerald, from West to C. R. R., near
junction depot.
Exchange-, from Market square to Connecticut River bridge.
Franklin, from Hampden to William.
Front, from Exchange, following line of
Chicopee Falls Branch R. R., to center
depot, thence east to Bemis' Brook.
Gaylord, from Springfield, near Chapin,
to Grant.
Grant, from East south to Gaylord.
Grape, from Springfield, near South, to
Grove, from Grape, near Springfield, eastward.
Hampden, from Center, opposite West,
High, from Springfield, opposite Chapman, to Grape.
Howard, from Springfield to School, between Chapman and Pleasant. Kimball, from Emerald south to Abbey. Maple, from Front to Elm, east of Wintworth.
Market Square, at junction of Springfield, Exchange and Center streets.
Miller, from Exchange to School, between
Center and Cabot.

Monroe, from Springfield east, opposite
Chestnut Grove place. .
Newton Avenue, from Springfield to
Park. from Cabot, near Dwight, to West.
Perkins, from School, between Dwight
and Cabot, to Front.
Pleasant, from Springfield to School,
near South.
Prospect Avenue, from Springfield,
south of Davenport Avenue, westward.
School, from West, south of Exchange,
to South.•
Sherman Road, from Springfield south­
South. from Springfield, opposite East,
to Center.
Spring, from Springfield, near Market
square, to Front.
Springfield. from Market square south
to Springfield line.
Stevens, from Center north to Wyman.
Spruce, from School to Park, between
Chestnut and West.
Summer, from School to Union. Tremont, from West, nearly opposite
Park, to C. R. R.
Union, from Center, opposite Cabot, to
Wintworth, from Front to Elm, east of
West, from Exchange to Center, opposite
William from Hampden westward.
Wyman from Center west to Stevens.

Cabot Hall Block, Market square, corner Exchange street.
Bullens Block, corner Exchange and
. Cabot streets.
Exchange Block, corner Exchange
and Miller streets.
Grandfield’s Block, corner Perkins
and' Exchange streets.
Kent’s Block, Exchange street, near
Center street.
Kendall's Block, west side Market
Leavitt's Block, Exchange street, near
Center street.
Shaw's Block, Center street, near Exchange street.
Union Block, corner Exchange and
Cabot streets.
White's Block, between. Center. and
Miller streets.


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