Chicopee in detail, Chicopee City Directory, 1875-1876

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Chicopee in Detail.

Town Officers.
THE Annual Town Meeting is held the first .Monday in April at the Town Hall. The officers elected are qualified and sworn within seven days thereafter, usually the following Monday.
SELECTMEN-Carlos M. Kendall, chairman; Patrick Rourke, John R. Wilbur Giles S. Chapin, George N. Morton; salary, $100 each.
TOWN CLERK AND TREASURER-Lester Dickinson, office Town Hall ; office hours,
8.30 A. M. to 12 M., and from 1 to 5 P. M. Residence, Grape street; salary, $1,000.
ASSESSORS -- W. P. Beals, Charles A. Taylor, Dwight L. Shaw. Total compen­ sation, $600.
COLLECTOR OF TAXES-John B. Wood, office in his store, corner Exchange and Center streets; residence Springfield street second house from Third Congregational Church; salary, $600.
SCHOOL COMMITTEE - Harvey Hitchcock, B. B. Belcher, John F. Hurley, Luther White, George V. Wheelock, Samuel Alvord.
OVERSEERS OF THE POOR - C.M. Kendall, office selectmen's room, Town Hall; office hours from 8 to 9 A.M.; residence, Springfield street. Salary, $300.
Dr. J. H. Wilbur, Chicopee Falls, office and residence Market Hall block, Center street. Salary, $150.
The selectmen of the town act as . overseers of the poor, but the more particular duties of the department are assigned to the above.
HIGHWAY SuRVEYORs-C. E. Damon, U. Hamilton, Q J. Smith.
JANITOR-Town Hall, Hiram Downing.


POLICE DEPARTMENT - E.0. Carter, justice, residence Grove avenue, Chicopee Falls; salary, $1,600. Special justices, S.G. Southworth and Luther White. Court held daily (Sundays excepted) at 9 A.M., in the Police Court room, basement of new Town Hall.
POLICEMEN-Leonard C. Hill, Frederick J. Smith, John E. Conners, Chicopee ; George McQueen, A. W. Learment, Chicopee Falls ; salary, $900 each. Policeman of the Chicopee and West Springfield bridges, Edward Hickey; salary, $600. Police office in basement of Town Hall.
CONSTABLES - Nathaniel Cutler, James Summers, Leonard C. Hill, George Mc­ Queen, H. S. Newell, W. E. Wheeler, Edward P. Stedman, John Pease, William O'Neil, Moses G. Gowin, Michnel Houlihan, Thomas Carmody, Jarvis P. Kelly, John E. Conners, George F. Williston, William Blake, Jr., Edward Hickey, Jeremiah P. McCarty, Andrew L. Sherman, Stephen Millard, Andrew W. Learment, Jas. Noonan, Frederick J. Smith, Daniel Donnovan, John B Potter. •
Fire Department.
The central fire district of Chicopee is bounded by the Chicopee river on the north, "Bemis brook" on the east, south by the Springfield line, west by Connecticut river. The following officers were elected April 30: Chief Engineer, C. F. Hadley ; First
Assistant, Timothy Canty ; Second Assistant, James E. Hosley; Third Assistant, Robert Hickey; Fourth Assistant, S.L. Scribner; Clerk, A.S. Alden; Treasurer, J.A. Carter; Prudential Committee, S. S. Hodgkins, John Dixon and S. A. Jacobs.
The working force of the department consists of 108 men, divided among the following companies: Chicopee Steamer No.
1, Pacific Hose Co No 1, Owego Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1, Fountain Extinguisher Co. No. 1, and Independent Hose Co. No. 2

Banks. I
FIRST NATIONAL BANK - East side Market square. Capital, $150,000; surplus, $75,000. President, Jerome Wells; cashier, F. B. Doten: teller, W.A. Faulkner; directors, Jerome Wells, E. 0. Carter, T. W. Carter, Lewis M. Ferry, Emerson Gaylord,
Erastus Stebbins, Sidney Chapin.
CHIOPEE SAVINGS BANK - West side Market square. President, George D. Robinson ; vice-presidents, E. 0. Carter, A. G.. Parker, E. Gaylord, G. H. Chapman; trustees, Benning Leavitt, J.A. Dennison, George S. Taylor, N. Cutler, John B Wood, C. M.Kendall, E. Stebbins, Lewis M. Ferry, John Dixon, G. V. Wheelock, A. S. Hunter, A. F. Gaylord; secretary, George V. Wheelock; treasurer, Henry H. Harris. Deposits, $430,000. There are about 1,200 depositors. Bank open from 9 A. M. to 1P.M. and from 2 to 8 P. M. Deposits commence interest the first day of each month.

PERKINS STREET METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH - Rev. J. S. Barrows, pastor ; residence, corner Perkins and School streets. S. Newton Bullens, Sunday School superintendent.
Sabbath Services: preaching at 10 ½ A. M.; Bible service at 2; prayer meeting at 6 ½ P.M. Sacrament the first Sabbath in each month at 12 M. Prayer meeting Wednesday evenings at 7 1/2 - Class meeting Saturday evenings at the same hour.
The Ladies' and Gentlemen's Social Union meets Thursday afternoon and evening preceding the first Sunday in the month. Mrs. S. N. Bullens is president.
Trustees: W.C. Wedge, president ; R.T. Hendrick, George Babcock, R. L.Hitchcock, E.H. Rice, A. Haskins, L. Dickinson, John Pease, sexton.

FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH- Chicopee street. Rev. E. Benedict Clark, pastor; settled October 16, 1839; residence near the church. Deacons, Sidney Chapin, Marshall Pease. Superintendent of Sunday School, Phineas Stedman. Meetings­ Sunday at 10 ½ A.M., with sermon, at 2 P.M., Sunday School. Prayer meeting Thursday evening.
This is the oldest church in Chicopee ; was organized as the "Second Church of Springfield,'' and bore that title until the new town of Chicopee was set off from Springfield in 1848. There are 72 members and the Sunday School numbers 59. Benevolent contributions the past year, $284.87.

CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH- Chicopee Founded 1835. Membership, 100. Pastor, Rev. A. Def Palmer; residence, corner of Grant and Gaylord streets. Deacons, Henry Gates, Ira M. Bullens. Prudential committee, J. P. Kelly, S.W. Parshley. E. L. Whitney. Sabbath services at 10:30 A.M., and 6:30 P.M. Sunday School at 12 M. E. A. Gallupe, superintendent.

UNITARIAN CHURCH- At the junction of Cabot and Dwight streets. Founded in
1841. Rev. L.F. Porter, passtor; settled December 8, 1872; salary, $1,500; pastor boards with Mr. J.M. Lane, on Chapin street. Pastor is superintendent of Sunday School. Deacon, Charles McClallan.
Meetings-Sunday at 10 ½ A.M., and at 6 ½ P. M. From June 1st to September 1st the evening service is usually omitted, and the annual vacation occurs during the month of August, when no service at all is held. Sunday School immediately after morning service.
Parish committee: George D. Robinson, A.S. Hunter, N.S. Field, A.J. Jenks, .A.S. Alden, Mrs. Justin Spaulding, Mrs.J.M. Lane; c1erk, Nelson Whittier; treasurer, J. A. Carter.
Choir: director, George D. Robinson ; organist, Miss Carrie Hall; soprano, Miss Katie Bacon; alto, Miss Carrie Wood; tenor, W. F. Tinker; bass, George D. Robinson.

THIRD CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH- 0n Springfield street. Was organized October
16, 1884. Church edifice dedicated September 9, 1837; taken down in April, 1868. Present edifice dedicated February 15, 1870. Pastors of church have been: Rev. David Cushman, stated supply; Rev. Amos Blanchard, stated supply; Rev. Sumner G. Clapp, April 26, 1837, to January 22, 1850; Rev. George A. Oviatt, October 15, 1850, to December 17, 1855; Rev. L. H. Cone, supply January 15, 1856, installed pastor
February 191 1857; to November 16, 1867;

Rev. W.S. Kerr, supply in 1868; Rev. Edwin B. Palmer, June 10, 1869, to March 31,
1875. At present without a pastor. Deacons, Gamaliel Marsh and Joseph Stackpole. Superintendent of Sunday School, Roland T. Oakes; assistant superintendent, James L. Pease; librarian, Charles L. Pepper; treasurer, L. Temple. Meetings-Sunday
10.30 A. M., and 6.30 P. M. Sunday School 2 P.M. Evening meetings on Monday and Wednesday at 7:30. Members of church, 184. Members of Sabbath School, 800. Clerk, D.Frauk Hale.

FIRST UNIVERSALIST CHURCH- South side Market Squarc. Founded 1835. The pulpit is supplied by Rev. J. H. Johnson of Westfield; Sunday-school superintendent, A.M. Moore. .Meeting on Sunday, with preaching, at 10 30 A. M. Sunday-school immediately after morning service. There are 60 families in the parish. Trustees, W. W. Johnson, J. B. Wood,. J. U. McClench, J. B. Rumrill, A.M. Moore; J. B. Wood, treasurer; R.E. Robertson, clerk.
CHURCH OF TIlE HOLy NAME OF JESUS- Roman Catholic, Sou th street. Pastor, Very Rev. Patrick Healy, vicar general; Rev. James O’Donahue. assistant. Residence of the clergy, South street, next the church. Sunday services: low mass at 8, high mass at 10.30 A.M., vespers, 3 P. M.

HIGH ScHOOL- Grape street. E. H. Rice, principal, $2,000; Miss Vila M. Barton, $600; .Miss Helen E. Joslyn, $600.
GRAMMAR SCHooL- High School building, Grape street. Wm. Valentine, principal, $1,500; Miss Ella Robertson, $500; Miss Cara A. Lamson, $500.
lNTERMEDIATE SCHOOL- School street. Miss Adeline Howard, $500; Mrs. Lucy E. Doten, $400.
SECOND PRIMARY- School street. Miss Ella A. Goldthwait, $400.
SECOND PRIMARY-Grape street. Miss Helen J. Bacon, $400.
FIRST PRIMARY-School street. Miss Minnie Hitchcock, $400.
FIRST PRIMARY -Grape street. Miss Elizabeth Blaisdell, $4oo.
ExcHANGE STREET PRIMARY- Miss Katie C. Chapin, $400.

MIXED ScnooL- Chicopee street. Miss AdDie J. Torrence, $400.
WILLIMANSETT UNGRADED ScHooL­ MisS Clara F. Hadley, $400.
ST. JOSEPH's PAROCHIAL SchooL­ South street, adjoining the Church of the Holy Name of Jesus, is under the general care of Very Rev. P H..Ealy. It has about
600 pupils. The girls' department being under the charge of the Sisters of the
Heart of Mary.

Gas Company.
George W. Bedlow, agent; Nelson Whittier, treasurer; Edwin N Snow, superintendent. All the stock in this Company is owned By the Dwight Mfg. Co., and the Ames Mfg. Co., the former, seven-eighths of the whole. There are 50 public lamps. Price, $4.50 per 1,000 feet.

CHICOPEE LoDGE, F. & A.M.-Instituted 1819. Annual communication, second Tuesday in November. Regulars, first Tuesday in each month. Specials, other Tuesdays. Officers- W.M. Charles N.
Smith; S.W., Richmond Danks; .J.W., John B. Potter; See'y, E. F. McLean; Treas., Benning Leavitt; S.D., G.V. Bangs; J. D., Charles Burt; S. S., Orrin Nickerson; J. S., Edw. P. Shores; Chap lain, Rev. J. S. Barrows; Tyler, A.W., Stebbins. Meets in Masonic Hall, Leavitt's block, corner Exchange and Center streets.
ST. John's LodGE, No. 62, I.O. of 0.F. Re-instituted, March 8, 1870. Officers -N. G, L. E. Tyler; V. G., E.M. Alden; Rec. sec'y, G.D. Bartlett; Per. Sec'y, M. E. Kendall; Treas., W.H. Dayton; Warden, 0. Nickerson; Conductor, EJw. Cook;
R. S. S., James Collored; L.S.S., E. Ferry; L G., G. Dillaber; 0. G., William Powers. Meets at Odd Fellows' Hall Union block, Exchange street, every Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock.
GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC- Otis Chapman Encampment, Post 103, Department of Massachusetts. P. C. , A. 0. Kinney; S.V.C, James Kenyon; J.V.C., Geo. H. Whitney; Adjutant, Chas. Tracy; Surgeon, John Grout; Q.M.M.R. Bart lett; Chaplain, Isaac Pratt; 0.D., H.H.
Underwood; 0. G., Robert Gregory; S. M., -- --; Q. M. S, G. V. Bangs Meets every Thursday evening, in Kendall's block, over the Post-office, Market square.
FATHER MATHEW TOTAL ABSTINENCE AND BENEVOLENT SociETY- Pres., James Noonan; V. P., Cornelius Driscoll; Sec'y, George W. Gibson; Treas., Michael Donahue. Initiation fee $1, dues 25 cents a month. Nursing and medical attendance provided in case of sickness.
ANCIENT ORDER OF HIBERNIANs; No.l­ Pres., Jeremiah McCarty; V. P., James Reagan ; Cor. Sec'y, P. H. Houlihan; Fin.­ Sec'y, Edw. Dalton; Treas., James McDermott. Meets in White's block, Exchange street, every Friday evening. There are
65 members.
SHAMROCK BENEVOLENT SOCIETYPres., Daniel O'Brien; V. P., Jas. O'Connor; Sec'y, Geo. W. Gibson; Treas., John McKeag. Initiation fee $1.00, dues 25cents a month. Sick members receive $4.00 per week and care of associates. In case of death, $30.00 is granted.
HUIPDEN COUNCIL No.3, SOVEREIGNS OF INDUSTRy-Organized January 17, 1874.
Officers - President, E. G. Heath; Vice President, Wm Heathcote; Secretary, Geo.
W. Winchell; Treasurer, S. F. Hamilton. Membership, 130. Meets at Good Temp.
lars' Hall, every Friday evening. CHICOPEE . PHILIIAR3lONIC SOCIETY President,
E. N. Snow; Vice President, John B. White; Clerk and Treasurer, James L. Pease; Director, E. G. Heath; Assistant Director, Wm. L. Blackmer. Meets in Police court room, Town Hall, every Monday evening, from October to May.
CARLYLE CLUB- Organized October 26, 1871. Its officers are, for the present quarter Prest., Geo. W. Robbins, Jr.; Vice Prest., John Heardon ; ec., Chas L. Pepper; Treasurer, Isaac N. Collord; Clerk, Edwin S. Smith. Meetings are held each Tuesday evening,• in G. A. R. Hall. The object of the organization is two-fold, the improvement of its members in debating and literary exercises; and the promotion of sociability among young people. Its membership consists of 35 active, (male and female,) and 50 honorary members.

CHICOPEE TowN LIBRARY-Town Hall, G. V. Wheelock, Librarian. Open Satur­day afternoons, 1.30 to 5, and 7 to 8. It has about 4,000 volumes. Library Committee, E. 0. Carter, Geo. V. Wheelock, Luther White.

Public Halls.

TowN HALL-East side Market square, has .seats for 900 persons. Application for it to be made to C. M. Kendall, chairman selectmen; residence, Springfield street, opposite Pleasant street.
CABOT IlAJ.L-Market square, corner Exchange street. Applications for it may be made to W. E. Wheeler's livery stable, Exchange street, near Market square.
ExcnANGE HALL-Exchange block, Exchange street, has seats for 450 persons. Application for it may be made to C. A. Bullens, grocer, in the block.

CABOT HousE- Front street, opposite Town hall. .W. H. Dickinson, proprietor. CHICOPEE HousE- Corner Front and Exchange streets, opposite the Junction
depot, A. .M. Abbey, proprietor.


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