Blackmer-Burton, Chicopee City Directory, 1875-1876

Dublin Core


A. M. MOORE, Exchange Street, opp. Miller Street.


Blackmer Charles H ., Hair Cutter. Also Cigars and Tobacco.
Temple's Block, next to Universalist Church. House Howard street.
Blackmer W. L., Dealer in Boots, Shoes and Rubbers. Exchange
street. Also Manufacturing and Repairing. House Springfield street. Blaisdell Charles M., cotton waste dealer, house Springfield street Blaisdell George A., boards Charles Blaisdell, Springfield street
Blaisdell Samuel, emp Ames Manufacturing Co., house Springfield street
Blaisdell S., Jr. & Co., cotton, cotton and wool wastes, office opp Junction depot Blaisdell Thomas, emp Ames Manufacturing Co., bds Samuel Blaisdell, Spfd st Blake John, laborer, house Tremont street
Blakeslee Charles W., emp Ames Manufacturing Co., house 6 Front street
Blanchard Charles, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house Miller street
Blanchard Hiram, emp Stebbins Manufacturing Co., city, house Pleasant street
Blanchard Hiram H., book-keeper B. B. Hill, city, bds H. Blanchard, Pleasant st
Blanchfill John, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house Spruce street
Blasdale E. J., florist, house Front street
Bliss Joel K., pattern-maker. house East street
Bly Arthur J., emp Ames Manufacturing Co., rooms Mrs. Heath, Center st
Bodfish S. C., hydraulic engineer, house Center street
Bolan Miss Hannah, house Emerald street
Bolen Mrs. Joanna, house Tremont street
Bolster William, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house 19 Cabot street
Bond Houghton, boards 42 Exchange street
Bonner Thomas, emp Ames Manufacturing Co., house Chestnut street
Booth Mrs. R. O., house Chicopee street
Borey John, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house near the Chicopee House Bostwick William T., emp Gaylord Manufacturing Co., boards Park street Boullie Joseph, house School street
Bousquet Samuel, shoe-maker, house Depot street
Bouvier Louis, moulder, house Center street
Bouvier Louis, Jr., machinist, boards Louis Bouvier, Center street
Bowe Edward T., moulder, house Center street •
Bowe Thomas, janitor Catholic Church, house Center street
Bower George L., carpenter, house Chicopee street .
Bowlin Thomas, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., boards 66 Dwight street
Bowman Charles G., carpenter, house Gaylord street
Boyden Joseph, emp Ames Manufucturing Co., rooms John Miller, Center st Boyden Warren C., emp A. G. Parker & Son, bds cor Exchange & Perkins sts Bradbury Daniel, emp Ames Manufacturing Co., house 14 Spring street
Brady Francis, mason, house Depot street
Brady John, emp Wason Manufacturing Co., house near Brightwood
Brady John, mason, boards Francis Brady, Depot street
Brady Thomas, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., boards 36 Perkins street

Cheapest and Best Place to Buy Clothing in Western Mass.,

Sinks, Pumps and Lead Pipe.

Bragg W, S., (W. S. Bragg & Co.,) house corner Spring and Springfield sts
Bragg W. S. & Co., (Warren S. Bragg, Jerome Wells, Fred B. Doten,) cor-
ner Exchange street and Merchants' row
Bray Thomas, farmer, house Chicopee street
Breck Louis, emp Ames Manufacturing Co., house Center street Brembley Thomas F., hotel waiter, house Exchange street
Brennan Mrs. Nancy, house 15 Cabot street
Brewer Miss Eunice, house Spring street
Briley Thomas, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house 82 Dwight street
Britton Mrs. Mary A., boarding-house School street
Broadley Robert, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house Abbey street
Brodeur David, boards Joseph Boullie, School street
Brown John, mason, house Bullens' court Brown Mrs. Thomas, house Pleasant street Browning Mrs. L. C., house Cross street
Bryant Charles A., clerk W. S. Bragg & Co., boards High street
Buckingham J. P., tailor 6 Exchange street, house School street
Buckley James C., pay-master Gaylord Mfg Co., h corner East and Grape sts
Buckley Jeremiah, laborer, house corner Park and Spruce streets
Buckley John A., emp Ames Manufacturing Co., house Chapman street Bugbee D. W., emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., boards 52 Perkins street Bullens Amaziah, grocer Exchange street, house cor Cabot and Park streets Bullens Clarence A., grocer Exchange street, house Center street
Bullens I. M., ticket agent, house Cabot street
Bullens I. Newton, (I. Bullens & Sons,) house Chestnut Grove cottage
Bullens Isaac, (Isaac Bullens & Sons,) house corner Center• and Cabot streets Bullens Isaac & Sons, (Isaac Bullens, I. Newton Bullens, Lewis C. Bullens,)
grocers, corner Exchange and Cabot streets
Bullens Lewis C., (Isaac Bullens & Sons,), house Cabot street Bullock Edwin, emp Ames Manufacturing Co., house Howard street Burgess James, carpenter, house Wyman street
Burgess John W., emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house 91 Front street
Burke Mrs. Johanna, saloon and house Exchange street
Burke Patrick, farmer, house corner School and West streets Burke Patrick T., farmer, house Chicopee street
Burnett George H., painter, boards Cottage Place
Burnett Mitchell, house Exchange street
Burns James F., emp Ames Manufacturing Co., h cor Center and Chestnut sts
Burns John, mason-tender, house Dublin street
Burns Michael, house Exchange street.
Burns Patrick, emp Ames Manufacturing Co., house Park street
Burns Richard, house Exchange street
Burton J. H., superintendent Ames Manufacturing Co., boards Cabot House

At BUCKINGHAM’S, Chicopee.


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