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Curran-Dore, Chicopee City Directory, 1875-1876

Dublin Core


A. M. MOORE, Exchange Street, opp. Miller Street.


Curran Mrs. Catherine, house West street
Curran James, laborer, house Wyman street
Curran Jerry, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., boards 76 Dwight street Curran William, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house West street Currin Timothy, boards Mrs. Bridget Bagley, Emerald street
Curtin Patrick, waste-picker, house Park street
Curtis James S, e. mp Ames Manu.facturing Co., house Center street
Cush Michael, emp Ames Manufacturing Co., house Chestnut street
Cushman Michael, laborer, house Abbey street
Cutler Nathaniel, deputy sheriff, office C. McClallan's block, house High street

DADY JAMES, laborer, house Park street
Dady Robert, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house 70 Dwight street
Dalton Edward, emp C R R, house Park street
Dalton John, laborer, house Depot street
Daly Charles, emp G.W. Bedloe, house 78 Dwight street
Dame William, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house Tremont street Damon Charles E., road master, house corner Center and School streets Damon Zachary, moulder, house north side river • Danabey Dennis, laborer, house Tremont street
Dane Dexter, broom manufacturer, house corner School and Dwight streets Dane George L., emp Dwight Mfg Co., house corner School and Dwight streets Daneen John, emp Ames Manu.facturing Co., house Dwight street
Danks Lyman, carpenter, house Center street
Danks Norman, carpenter, house. corner Center and Chestnut streets
Danks Richmond, carpenter, house Grant street
Dargenton Julius, emp Ames Manufacturing Co., house Springfield street
Davenport Rev. J. E., house Grape street
Davis .Edward P., milkman, house near Springfield street
Davis Mrs. Hiram, house Front street
Davis Richard, emp Ames Manufacturing Co., house Depot street
Dayton Frank 0., House Painter, Grainer and Paper Hanger, and Dealer in Dry Paints, Colors, White Lead, Oils, Turpentine, Varnishes, Glass, Brushes, Artists' Materials, Paper Hangings, etc. Exchange street. House Springfield street.
Dayton W m., book-keeper H. Cogswell, bds D. Dane, cor School and Dwight sts Decater Alonzo L.; emp Dwight Mfg Co., house Exchange st . Delile Eugene, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house near Chicopee House Demmers Frank, emp W. C. Wedge, house School street
Demond Charles W.,, arpenter, bouse Chapman street
Deneefe Martin, mason, house West street
Denief Michael, laborer, house 65 Dwight street Dennison John A., house Center street

J.P. BUCKINGHAM, Merchant Tailor,

Plumbing, Tin Roofing, and General Jobbing.


Dennison J. A. & Co., (Wm. P. Ferry, Albert E. Jones, John D. White,) meat market, School street
Dennison Mrs. T. A., house Center street
Devine Cornelius, emp C. McClallam & Son, house cor Abbey and Kimball sts
Devine John, grocer, store and house Exchange street
Deviney James, emp Michael Deviny, house Springfield street
Deviney Michael, market, house and shop Springfield street
De Witt Richard, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house Pleasant street
Dickinson Lester, town clerk, bouse Grape street
Dickinson Sullivan, emp Ames Manufacturing Co., house 13 Front street
Dickinson W. H., proprietor Cabot House
Dixon John, grocer corner Exchange and Dwight streets, house Dwight street
Dile Patrick, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house Emerald street
Dilliber Jesse, blacksmith, house Chicopee street
Dilliber William, brass moulder, house Grape street, near the canal
Dillon Mrs. Bridget, house Center street Dillon Mrs. Mary, house Exchange street Dillon Patsey, laborer, house Exchange street
Dinan John, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house Exchange street
Dinneen Patrick, laborer, house School street
Divine Daniel, tailor, house Exchange street
Divine Thomas, emp Gaylord Manufacturing Co., house 12 Cabot street
Divine Thomas, Jr., saloon and house, Exchange street
Dodge John S., butcher, house corner Miller and School streets
Doherty James, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house Exchange street
Dole Dr. D. D., Physician and Surgeon, Centre street Donahue Daniel, lather, boards Patrick Hagerty, Wyman street Donovan John, emp Ames Manufacturing Co., house Bullens street Donlon Mrs. Bridget, house West street
Donnagan Bartholomew, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house Bullens street
Donohue Florence, emp B & A .R R, city, house West street
Donohue Rev. James, assistant pastor Catholic church, house South street Donohue John, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house 106 Front street Donohue John, laborer, house West street
Donohue Michael, plasterer, house corner Emerald and Kimball sts
Donovan Dan, rooms Mrs. S. E. Wells, house corner Center and Cabot streets
Donovan Dennis, emp Ames Manufacturing Co., house Exchange street
Dooley Mrs. Catharine, house Bullens' court
Dooley Melville, emp Jesse Porter, boards Mrs. C. C. Merrill, Miller street
Dooley Michael, emp Robert Bemis, house Dublin street
Dore Edward H., emp Wason Manufacturing Co., house School street Dore Peter, emp Joseph 0. Stebbins, Center street, near Brightwood Dore Peter, boards Ed ward H. Dore, School street

Dealer in Gent's Furnishing Goods, 6 Exchange St., Chicopee.


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