Hutchins-Kiblin, Chicopee City Directory, 1875-1876

Dublin Core


A. M. MOORE, Exchange Street, opp. Miller Street,


Hutchins George, emp W. C. Wedge & Co., house School street Hutchinson John, emp Ames Manufacturing Co., house Grant street Hyarn William, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house Emerald street
Hyde Anson B., boards Charles D. Goodell, corner Union and South streets Hyde Chauncey H., brick-maker, house corner Union and South streets Hyde F. S., house Center street

Inshaw Mrs. R. B., house Springfield street
Isbell Abner D., emp A. M. Moore, house Center street

Jackson Mrs. Elizabeth, house 74 Exchange street
Jacobs Simeon A., fruit and confectionery, Exchange street, house Miller st
Janette Mrs. Lucy, house West street
Jaseph John B., gardener, house School street
Jeffers James, shoe-maker, house Exchange street
Jenks Albert J., merchant, corner Exchange and Miller streets, house Front st
Jenks George L, clerk A. J. Jenks, boards High street
Jenness W. W., M. D., office and house Cabot street
Jepson Godfrey H., emp Ames Manufacturing Co., house Chestnut street
Jepson Mrs. Susan, house Center street
Jessmin Joseph, carpenter, house Emerald street
Jewett Benjamin F., emp Ames Manufacturing Co., house Chicopee street Johnson Ambrose C., overseer Dwight Manufacturing Co., h 102 Exchange st Johnson Charles H., emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house 95 Front street Johnson Richard, laborer, house Park street
Johnson Robert, mason, house Park street
Johnson T. M., harness-maker, Exchange street, house Center street





No. 9 Merchants’ Row, opp. Town Hall.
House Springfield street.

Jones Albert E., (J. A. Denison & Co.,) house Front street Jones Lewis, emp and boards Sumner Chapin, Chicopee street Jones Lewis, emp Ames Manufacturing Co.

Gas and Water Pipings.


Josselyn George E., emp Ames Manufacturing Co., house East street
Joyce Thomas, house Abbey street
Joyce William, laborer, boards Thomas Joyce, Abbey street

KALLHER Matthew, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co, boards 52 Perkins street
Kana Patrick, currier, house corner Dublin and Kimball sts
Katon James, laborer, house Dublin street
Kaveney James, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house 51 Perkins street
Kayer William, laborer, house West street
Keefe John, farmer, house Chicopee street
Kelley James, emp Carlos Allen, boards John McClone, Summer street
Kelley Martin, laborer, house near Chicopee House
Kelley Martin, laborer, house corner Tremont and West streets
Kelleyhouse Charles, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house Chestnut street
Kelligrew Richard, boards Dennis Gleason, Depot street
Kelly Jarvis P., emp Ames Manufacturing Co., house Front street Kelly Timothy, emp Ames Manufacturing Co., house Exchange street Kelter Thomas, carriage blacksmith, house Front street
Kendall Carlo M., chairman board selectmen, house Springfield street Kendall Henry B., loom harness-maker, shop and house East street Kendall Madison, boards Cabot house
Kendall Munroe E., (C. M. Kendall & Son,) house Summer street
Kennedy Edward S., emp and boards Erastus Stebbins, Springfield street Kennedy James, mason tender, house Tremont street • Kennedy James, house Abbey street
Kennedy John, boards Michael Kennedy, Tremont street
Kennedy John, emp Gaylord Manufacturing Co., h cor Abbey and Kimball sts
Kennedy John, laborer, house corner Dublin and West streets
Kennedy John, mason, boards 62 Dwight street Kennedy John, carpenter, house Hampden street Kennedy Mrs. Margaret, house Tremont street Kennedy Michael, house Tremont street
Kennedy Morris, laborer, house Kimball street Kennedy Mrs. Patrick, house Tremont street Kennedy Patrick, laborer, house Abbey street
Kennedy Patrick, farmer, house near old Willimansett road
Kennedy Thomas, laborer, house corner Dublin and West streets
Kennedy Thomas, moulder, house Kimball street .
Kennedy Thomas, farmer, house Hampden street
Kenyon James A., emp Ames Manufacturing Co., h School st, cor Summer st
Kerby Michael, carpenter, house Depot street
Key Daniel, house Abbey street
Kiblin Henry, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house 87 Front street


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