Kichniawy-Littlefield, Chicopee City Directory, 1875-1876

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A. M. MOORE, Exchange Street, opp. Miller Street,

Dealer in Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Fancy Goods: Silver and Plated Ware.
Watches and Clocks Repaired and Warranted by an Experienced Workman. American
watches a Specialty, and sold at Manufacturers' PRICES.
House corner of Spring anti Front streets.

Kichniawy Balzer, machinist, emp Ames Manufacturing Co. Kilkelly Michael, laborer, house corner Exchange and Depot street Killegrew Dan G., painter, boards Chicopee House
Kimball Elijah P., house Springfield street :
King Edward II., emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house 30 Front street King John G., emp Edson Clark, West Springfield, house Front street King John N., emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., boards 100 Front street• King Louis, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house Canal street
Kinna Michael, grocer Exchange street, house Front street
Kinney A. 0., brass-founder, house Cabot street
Kirby Catharine, house Depot street
Kirby Edward, laborer, house Chicopee street Kirby John, farmer, house Chicopee street Knapp Addison M., hackman, house East street
Knapp Mrs. Mary H., house Summer street
Knox Charles, emp Ames Manufacturing Co., rms Mrs. M. R. Fitz, Center st
Knox Charles E., musician, rooms Mrs. Martha R. Fitz, Center street
Knox Charles Edward, emp Ames Manufacturing Co., bds Mrs. C. C. Merritt

Ladd DEXTER D., emp Gaylord Manufacturing Co., boards Park street
Ladd George H. emp Gaylord .Manufacturing Company, house Wintworth st
Ladd Mrs. Lydia, house corner Park and Chestnut streets
Ladeau Alfred, emp Dwight Mfg Co., bds Alonzo L. Decater, Exchange st
Ladoux Joseph, house Emerald street
Lahey Morris, mason, house corner Tremont and West streets
Lamarsh Joseph, emp Dwight Mfg Co., hoards E. Lamora, near Chicopee House
Lamb Samuel, carpenter, house corner Exchange and West streets
Lamora Edward, carpenter, emp Abner B. Abbey, near Chicopee House Lamoreux Odan, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., boards 96 Front street Lamson Stephen, manufacturer, house Grape street
Lamson William K., jeweler, boards Stephen Lamson, Grape street
Lanckton S. B., (Lanckton & Pond,) house Springfield street
Lanckton & Pond, (S. B. Lanckton, 0. A. _H. Pond,) grocers, Exchange st
Landers John, emp Chicopee Gas Co., house Emerald street
Landers John, Jr., board::John L:mders, Tremont street
Landers Morris, florist, house Grove avenue

Fine Custoxn Clothing 1\:l.ade •to .Order,

Plumbing, Tin Roofing and Gen ral Jobbing.


Landers Morris, florist, house near Chapin street
Landers Thomas, machinist, emp Ames Manufacturing Co., h Center street
Landers Thomas, boards John Landers, Tremont street
Lane James, emp I. Blaisdell, Jr. & Co., house Emerald street.
Lane Julius M., tailor shop Exchange street, house Chapin street
Laneau Eli, house School street
Langen Patrick, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., boards 51 Perkins street
Langlois Alex, blacksmith Chicopee Falls, house School street
Lapanca Nazaire, blacksmith, house near the Chicopee House
Lapare Adolphus, emp Dwight Mfg Co., bds F. Lapare, cor Emerald and West sts
Lapare Francis, carpenter, house corner Emerald and West streets
Laparl William, gardener, boards Cabot House
Larned Luman, carpenter, house Chicopee street
Larose John, carpenter, house School street
Lasan Joseph, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., boards 61 Dwight street
Lavoie Christopher, house West street
Lavoie William, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house Exchange street
Lawton John, carpenter, house Bullens Street
Lawrence Phillip, harness-maker, house Wyman street
Lawrence Philip A., emp Gaylord Manufacturing Co., bds 35 Perkins street
Leahy Mrs. :Mary, house Tremont street
Learned Charles C., farmer, house Chicopee street
Leary James, house Kimball street
Leavitt Benning, bobbin manufacturer, house Exchange street
Lee Dennis, blacksmith, house corner School and Chestnut streets Lehey Patrick, laborer, house corner Dublin and West streets Lemennier L., emp Ames Manufacturing Co., bds Springfield street
Leonard John, emp Gaylord Manufacturing Co., house Exchange street
Leonard Lewis B., emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house 1 Front street
Leonard Mrs. Mary, house Dwight street
Leonard Patrick, laborer, house near Chicopee House
Leppens Mrs. Louis A., Exchange street
Lester James C., emp Ames Mfg Co., rooms Mrs. Heath, Center street
Lewis Mrs. Asenath, house Cabot street
Libby George W., overseer Dwight Mfg Co., 'house 101 Exchange street
Lincoln Charles 0., house Howard street
Linehan Cornelius, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house Chestnut street
Linehan Daniel, house Exchange street
Linehan Patrick, grocer, store and bouse Exchange street Linnehan Mrs. Eliza, house Abbey street
Linnehan Jerry, emp Dwight Mfg Co., bds Dennis Murphy, School street
Linnehan John, machinist, house Bullens street
Littlefield Mrs. Charles C., house Chicopee street

J. P. BUCKINGHAM., Chicopee,


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