Livinston-McClean, Chicopee City Directory, 1875-1876

Dublin Core


A. M. MOORE, Exchange Street, opp. Miller Street,


Livingston J. E., emp Wason Manufacturing Co., house Howard street
Lombard Mrs. M. E., house Spring street
Loneto Alexander, emp Wason Mfg Co., h cor Tremont and West streets
Loneto Z., carpenter, house Abbey street
Londergan A., emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., home 20 Cabot street
Londry Alexis, laborer, house near Chicopee House
Long John, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., boards 66 Dwight street
Long Timothy, laborer, house West street
Lonto Mrs. Delia, house Tremont street
Loomis Clarence S., boards George G. Stephens, Park street
Loomis H. E. W., emp Dwight .Mfg Co., bds A. L. Decater, Exchange street
Loughman Miss Anna S., house Exchange street Loughman Martin, truckman, house Springfield street Luecer Jerry, harness-maker, boards Exchange street Lynch Daniel, stone-cutter, house West street
Lynch Mrs. Patrick, house Tremont street
Lynch Thomas, laborer, house near Chicopee House
Lynch Thomas, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house 26 Front street Lyon H. I., overseer Dwight Manufacturing Co., house Exchange street Lyon James L., house Ash street
Lyon John T., emp Gaylord Manufacturing Co., house Grove street
Lyons Timothy, blacksmith, house Exchange street
Lyons William, mason, house South street

MACK HENRY, farmer, house old Willimansett road
Mack Patrick, house 34 Perkins Street
Madden James, emp Ames Manufacturing Co., house Bullens street Mahaney Mrs. Bridget, house corner Fremont and West streets Mahoney Patrick, laborer, house West street
Mahony Patrick, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., boards 4 Cabot street Mallin Charles, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., boards 21• Cabot street
Malone Daniel, house West street
Malone Morris, laborer, house Depot street
Manchester Mrs. Asa, house corner Center and Hampden streets
Manchester C.N., Restaurant. Norwalk Oysters, Imported Cigars, Meals to Order. Broiled Steak, Ham and Eggs, Poultry, and everything ordered, furnished at short notice. Centre street. Boards corner Center and Hampden sts.

House and Sign Painters,

Shop on CENTER STREET, Fourth Door from Universalist church.

Cheapest and Best Place to Buy Clotbing in Western Mass.,

Stove Repairs-a LargAssortment.


Manchester Wm. D., (w. D. Manchester & Co.,) house School street
Manning John, house Front street
Manning John, laborer, house corner Abbey and Kimball streets
Manning Mrs. M., house Tremont street Manning Patrick, laborer, house Dublin street Manning Thomas, laborer, house Tremont street
Mansfield Mrs. Carrie M., dress-maker, house Elm street
Maroney Mrs. Bridget, house 32 Perkins street
Marquet Louis, boards John Wemette, Center street
Marsh Gamaliel, emp Henry Cogswell, house Pleasant street
Marsh Hiram, boards Dexter Dane, corner School and Dwight streets
Marshall Harry, carpenter, boards Park street ,
Martin Horace E., emp Ames Manufacturing Co., boards 16 Spring street
Martin Michael, emp and boards Thomas Bray, Chicopee street
Martin Mrs. W. H., house 16 Spring street
Masterson Edward, hostler, boards Cabot House
Mattoon George, dealer in paper stock, house l East street
Maxwell Matthias, carpenter, house Burke's block, Exchange street Maxwell Thomas S., carpenter, boards Burke's block, Exchange street Mayo John, carpenter, house Burke's block, Exchange street
Mayo Rufus, painter, house near Cabot and West Springfield bridge
McAuliffe Miss Katharine, hair-dresser, house Depot street
McBeth Mrs. Margaret, house School street
McCabe Mrs. Jane, house Abbey street
McCann George, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house Abbey street
McCanna John, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., boards 51 Perkins street McCarty Daniel, emp Edson Clark, West pfd, house cor School and West sts McCarty Dennis, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house Exchange street McCarty Mrs. Ellen, house Emerald street
McCarty Eugene, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house Chestnut street
McCarty Ja es, blacksmith, house• Center street
McCarty James, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house 18 Cabot street
McCarty Jeremiah, emp U S A, house West street McCarty Jerry, house Emerald street
McCarty John, laborer, house near Chicopee House
McCarty John, emp Dwight Manufacturing Co., boards 52 Perkins street
McCarty John, cmp Dwight Manufacturing Co., house 69 Dwight street
McCarty John, house 83 Dwight street
McCarty Mrs. Julia, house Emerald street
McClallan Charles, (C. McClallan & Son,) house High street
McClallan C. & Son, (C. McClallan, William C. McClallan,) contractors, builders and brick manufacturers
McClean Brainard, emp B. Leavitt, boards Exchange street

At J.P. BUCKINGHAM’S, Chicopee.


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