Streets in Chicopee Falls, Bay View Avenue-Rumrill's Block, Chicopee City Directory, 1875-1876

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Streets in Chicopee Falls.

Bay View Avenue, from Bridge street Munger Court, foot of Canterbury

Belcher, from Front to Pine.
Bingham, from Granby street eastward,
north of Eastern avenue.
Bridge, from Front, crossing Chicopee
river, northward; also called Willi­
mansett road.
Canterbury Avenue, from Front, north of Bridge, to Munger court.
Centre, from Front to junction of Oak and Grove.
Chestnut, from Church south-easterly to
Chicopee Road, from Grove to Front street, Chicopee Village.
Church, from Front to Grove.
Cocbran, from Springfield eastward to
. Muzzy.
Court, from Belcher to West.
Eastern Avenue, from Granby, near
Summit avenue, east. •
East, south-easterly from junction of
Springfield and Belcher.

Muzzy, from East to Cochran.
Oak, from junction of Centre and Grove to West.
Pine, from Belcher to Springfield.
Rumrill Avenue, eastward from
Bridge, nearly opposite Wells avenue.
South, from Centre to West, between
Court and Oak.
Spring, from East to Maple.
Springfield, from Front southward to
Springfield line.
Summer, from Springfield to Pine.
Summit Avenue, from Granby, near
Eastern avenue, northward.
Wells Avenue, from Bridge to Bay
View avenue.
West, from Front south, east side C. R. R
to Oak.


East Street Avenue, from East, nearly Chicopee Falls Block, north side opposite Muzzy, northward. Market street, between Center and
Fuller, from East northward and east- Church streets.
ward to East Street avenue. Munn's Block, north side Front street1
Front, from West east to Springfield line. opposite Wildes' Hall.
Granby, from Bridge easterly and north- Wallace's Block, north side Front easterly to Granby line. street, opposite Wildes' Hotel.
Grove, south-easterly from junction of Lucas' Block, north side Front street
Centre and Oak. head of Church street.
Grove Avenue, from Grove to Pine. Masonic Hall Block, north side
High, from Chestnut to Pine, east of Front street, near Connecticut River.
Belcher. R. R. depot.
Maple, from Belcher to Spring, between Hubbard's Block, north side Front
Front and East. street, opposite Wildes' Hotel.
Market, from West to Church, between Rumrill's Block, south side Chestnut
Front and Court. street.


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