Chicopee Falls in detail, Chicopee City Directory, 1875-1876

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Chicopee Falls in Detail

FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH—Corner Church and Court streets. Organized July 3, 1830. Rev. Joshua T. Tucker, pas­ tor; installed April 8, 1868; residence, cor­ ner Belcher and Court streets. Deacons, George S. Taylor, Russell S, Furney, Mi­ ner Kelley. Sunday School superintendent, Miner Kelley.
Meetings-Sunday at 10.30 A. M., and
6.30 P. M., with preaching. Sunday School,
12M. The Lord's Supper is administered on the first Sundays in January, March, May, July, September and November, at
2.30 P. M. Thursday evening, social worship. The church membership is 183, and there are 145 members of the Sunday School.
Assessors of the parish: John R. Whittemore, E.O. Carter, Albert McFarland; treasurer, William P. McFarland; clerk, Henry N. Lyon..

Corner Springfield and East streets. Pastor, Rev. Charles F. Ely; appointed April, 1875; Sunday School superintendent, P. W. Smith; assistant superintendent, George Wilcox.
Meetings-Sabbath, 10:30 A. M., with
preaching; at 2 P. M., Bible service; 6 P. M., prayer meeting; Tuesday evening, class meeting; and Thursday evening regular church prayer meeting at 7.30 o'clock.
Trustees-William Blake, Jr., William
B. Fay, O. E. Darling, Moses Gowin, H. S. Newell, P. W. Smith.

BAPTIST CHURCH—Founded in 1828.
Rev. R. K. Bellamy, pastor; settled 1848; residence, Church street. Deacons, John Herrick, H. 0. Chapin. Sunday School superintendent, John Herrick.

Meetings-Sabbath, 10.30 A. M., and 6 P. M., with preaching; Sunday School immediately after morning service; Thursday evening, prayer meeting. There are 164 members. Parish committee, T. C. Page,
J. F. Hurd, Samuel Blaisdell, Jr.

THE SECOND ADVENT SOCIETY was organized in 1870. It has no settled minister, but meetings are held regularly at the chapel on Maple street. Deacon, A. B. Howard.
Meetings-On Sunday at 10.30 A. M.,
and 2 P. M.; at 6 P.M., social meeting; Wednesday evenings, prayer meeting at
7.30 o'clock.
Committee, A. B. Howard, Z. Foster, A. Wilbur.

ST. PATRICK'S CHURCH, Roman Catholic-Granby street. Founded December
15, 1872. Pastor, Rev. P. D. Stone; assist­
ant priest, Rev. Michael Murphy.
Sunday services-Low mass, 8½ A. M.,
high mass, 10½ A. M; Sunday School at
2 P. M. ; vespers, 3 P. M.
There are about 1500 souls in the parish, and 400 children in the Sunday School.
St. Patrick's Library Association has recently been started for the benefit of members of the parish. It has about 350 volumes.

Chicopee Falls Schools.
HIGH SCHOOL-Church street. Fred Lawton, Principal, $1,500; Miss Annie
Rice, $---- Miss Cora McClench, $500.
GRAMMAR SCHOOL-High School Build­ ing, Church street. Miss Mary Paige, $600; Miss Eva Page, $400.
GRAMMAR SCHOOL-Granby street Miss Abby J. Nash, $800


INTERMEDIATE-High School Building, Church street. Miss Fannie J. Phipps, $400.
INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL-Granby street. Miss Clara O. Thayer, $400.
Second Primary- High School Building, Church street. Miss Mary Clary, $400. BELCHER LoDGE, F. & A.M.-Instituted Miss Clara 0. Thayer, $400. 1870. Annual communication the first SECOND PRIMARY-High School Build- Monday in October; Regulars the first Mon. ing, Church street. Miss Mary Clary,$400. day in each month; Specials, other Mon. ECOND PRIMARY-Granby street. Miss Georgie Morse, $400. W. M., E.'T. Paige; S. W., D. H. FIRST PRIMARY-High School Building, Church Street. Mrs. A.L.H. Dewey, $400.
Engine Hall First Primary- Church street. Miss Fannie Chamberlain, $400. First Primary- Granby Street. Miss Alice Kendall, $400.
East Street Ungraded School, No. 4- Miss Belle
Chapin, $400.
Jenksville Roas, Ungraded School (Clough District.) Miss Paulk, $400.

Wildes' Hotel—Corner Front and Church Streets, Chicopee Falls. Anson F. Wildes, proprietor.

Chicopee Falls Fire District.
J.R. Wilbur, chief engineer; Frank H. Morton, first assistant engineer; Andrew Yale, second assistant engineer; Austin J. Crane, third assistant engineer. Benjamin Belcher, George M. Morton, William Blake Jr., prudential committee. Henry N. Lyon, clerk.
Torrent Engine co. – Located at the Belcher & Taylor Agricultural Tool Co's works on the north side of Chicopee River, has a Fales & Jenks force pump with 500 feet of hose.

Belcher Lodge, F. & A.M. – Instituted 1870. Annual communication the first Monday in October; Regulars the first Monday in each month; specials, other Mondays; meets in Masonic Hall, Front Street. W.M., E.T. paige ; S.W., D.H. Griffin; J.W., S.B. Cook ; secretary, A.B. West, Treasurer, J.E. Taylor ; S.D., James Flint, Jr. ; J.D., M. Gowin ; S.S., H. Conklin ; J.S., L.E. Tyler ; chaplain, Rev. F. Nichols ; tyler, Andrew Lucas.

Chicopee Falls Council, No. 23, Sovereigns of Industry – organized 1874. President, Thomas Tongue; vice president, William briggs ; secretary , R.E.B. Canterbury ; treasurer, O. Gorton. Membership, 60 ; meets the first and third Tuesdays in each month at good templars' hall, Masonic Hall block, Front street.

Ancient Order of Hinernians. – Officers – President, Edmund Keefe, vice president, Anthony Robertson ; recording secretary, Henry Nelligan ; financial secretary , Michael Gilmore ; treasurer, john hines. Membership 30. Meet in Wildes' Hall the first and second Wednesday evenings of each month.
Father Matthew Total Abstinence and Mutual Benevolent Society – Organized in 1869. – Officers – President, Michael Hederman ; vice-president, Edward Foley ; secretary, john bohen ; treasurer, Jeremiah Mahoney ; chaplain, Rev. P.D. Stone. Meets in old police court-room, on Front street, near the depot, every Sunday at 6 P.M. Its members receive $4 per week in sickness, and on the death of a member, $30 are provided and funeral expenses paid by the society.


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