Whitehead-Young, Chicopee Falls City Directory, 1875-1876

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Whitehead James, weaver, boards 4 West street
Whitehead Joseph, emp Chicopee Manufacturing Co., house 4 West street Whittemore John R., house Church street
Whittemore Jonathan R., house corner Belcher and Springfield streets
Whittemore Raymond C., student, boards corner Belcher and Springfield sts
Wilbur J. R., M. D., house and office Market Hall block, Center street
Wilcox George, emp Lamb Knitting Machine Co.
Wildes Anson F., proprietor Wildes’ Hotel, corner Front and Church streets
Wildes’ Hotel, corner Front and Church streets
Williams Charles J., painter, shop Market st, near Center st, house Belcher st
Williams Dexter, emp Dr. S. Alvord, boards Church street
Williams Ezra F., expressman, boards Church street near Market street
Williams Mrs. Jonathan, house 5 Front street
Williams Robert, house East street
Williams Theodore, house East street
Williams Walter C., house Church street, near Market street
Wilson Robert, emp Chicopee Manufacturing Co., house 5 Center street Winegan John, emp Chicopee Manufacturing Co., boards 17 Market street Witherell Fred, book-keeper Belcher & Taylor Tool Co., boards Springfield st Wood Norris R., grocer, Masonic Hall block, Front street, house Church st
Woodhall Peter, emp Lamb Knitting Machine Co., h Maple st, near Belcher st
Woods Patrick, emp Chicopee Manufacturing Co., house Bridge street Woods Thomas, house Court street, between Church and Center streets Woodstock Frank C., clerk George W. Bray, boards Spfd st, near Front st Woolson J. D., house Chicopee road
Wright Aaron, emp Chicopee Manufacturing Co., house Wells avenue
Wright John, laborer, house 18 Center street

YOUNG JOSEPH, emp Chicopee Manufacturing Co., house 43 Center street


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