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Chicopee CLIC

Access to comprehensive, up-to-date profiles of more than 2000 of today's most popular jobs in more than 90 industries.


A comprehensive full text history reference database that covers both U.S. and world history and contains biographies of historical figures, history periodicals and historical documents, photos and maps.

Analyzes hundreds of controversial topics and provides more than 650 in-depth articles on current issues in the news in a language and format for students. Features include weekly updates, new articles added biweekly, "Issues: Pro and Con" lists that highlight important debate topics, "By Numbers"statistical overviews of key issues, research topics, "What Happened That Day" and other features.

A comprehensive database that provides users with information on thousands of authors and their works. Includes Masterplots and Magill's.


Includes background information, useful Internet resources and search terms, suggestions for further reading and articles linked to detailed news coverage. Written for students in middle school through college.


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