The New Library, 449 Front Steet

Growing Pains

Over time, the building built with the funds of Spaulding and others was outgrown as the population and the collection grew. The building, which was once state of the art, could not accommodate the technology needs of the new century.

Plans began to arise for a new public library building to meet the needs of the large community and the new century of needs. On March 20th, 2007, the Chicopee Public Library building in Market Square was closed and on May 22nd, 2004 the new library building on 449 Front Street opened.

Opening the Doors

Coinciding with National Libraries week, the new $9.3 million facility library space was opened with a large number of residents touring the new space. The collection, which now totals over 100,000 items, has room to grow in the new 34,000 square foot facility.

image of the Chicopee Pubic Library on Front Street

The Front Street location has two levels with a local history room [The Chicopee Room] on the second floor, as well as a quiet study room, a Computer Lab for classes, and a Community Room that can seat over 150 people.

One major improvement over the old Market Square location is that the new Front Street location is handicap accessible and there is plenty of parking, a problem at the old location.

A formal dedication was held on May 21, 2004; Mayor Richard R. Goyette and Lt. Gov. Kerry M. Healey spoke to state legislators, trustees, friends of the library, supporters and regional library commissioners. Other speakers included John Krzeminski Jr, a representative of the Partyka family, who donated $500,000 in the name of Emily Partyka to the "Raise the Roof" campaign for a new library.