Erin’s Pick of the Week: Hold Me Closer Necromancer

I’m trying out a new feature on the website:  reviews.  Each week I will post about a young adult book that I particularly enjoyed.  If you read something you want to share or want to write about a movie, a game, a cd, or anything else send me an email (, and next week it can be your review in this spot!

Sam LaCroix is nineteen, a college drop-out, a fast food worker, and a necromancer. He’s only just found out this last thing. His mother hid it from him as an attempt to protect him from the likes of Douglas Montgomery, a powerful necromancer who either wants to make Sam his apprentice, or kill him and take his power.  Sam has one week to decide.

Over the course of this week he discovers the existence of all kinds of paranormal beings, gets captured by Douglas (and thrown in a cell with a fascinating were-hound girl), and must learn to use his powers to save himself, his friends and his family.

This book is at turns scary, funny, and sweet.  Sam is a likable protagonist, obviously under a lot of stress due to the recent discovery of his powers.  He has close family and friends who support him and make for an amusing cast of side characters. Sam’s romance in captivity with half-fey half-werewolf Brid, is sweet.  A lot of magical elements in the book are introduced quickly, which has me hoping for a sequel.

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