Erin’s Pick of the Week (or so): Anna and the French Kiss

This incredibly sweet and realistic love story is set in romantic Paris. Anna is sent abroad for her senior year of high school to an elite American boarding school. She was reluctant to leave her life in Atlanta behind her, but quickly falls in with a close-knit group of friends, including the smart, handsome and intriguing Etienne St. Clair. He is from Paris, San Francisco, and London, and has an adorable English accent. He has a girlfriend, she has a boy with potential back home, so while their attraction is apparent to the audience, they decide to be friends. What grows from their friendship is a deep understanding of each other complete with witty banter that blooms, over the course of the book, into love. In addition to swooning over the love story, I really enjoyed the setting of this book. The dorm life aspect is very realistic and all of the Parisian landmarks, cinemas, and patisseries made me want to go to France!

My favorite romance of 2010.

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