Erin’s Pick of the Week: Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour

A few months ago Amy lost her Dad in a car accident.  Now she is losing her home because she is moving with her Mom from California to Connecticut.  Her mom needs Amy to get their car across the country, but since the accident, Amy hasn’t been driving.  Enter Roger, the son of a family friend, who agrees to drive the car, and Amy to her mother’s new house.

Amy expects a boring trip, with an unknown boy, sticking to her mother’s detailed travel itinerary.  But Roger turns out to be cute, and good at playing twenty questions.  Soon enough, the detailed travel itinerary is replaced by a road trip connecting the dots across the country: where Amy remembers going with her Dad, where Roger remembers being in love with a girl, where Amy always meant to go with her Dad, and where Roger seeks closure from his failed romance.  Along the way are playlists, fast food receipts, lonely roads and a bit of romance.  It turns out this road trip was just thing thing both Amy and Roger needed.  Makes me want to load up my iPod with music, get in the car and drive.

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