Erin’s Pick of the Week: Foiled

Aliera Carstairs is a fencer. She trains every day after school and on weekends, too, hoping to go to Nationals.  Her Saturday afternoons are reserved for table top role playing with her cousin.  Between school, fencing, and spending time with her cousin, Aliera is pretty busy.  She doesn’t really fit in with any particular group at school, and until recently she’s liked that just fine.  Until recently, when she met Avery Castle, the beautiful new boy who gets assigned as her lab partner in biology.  Avery asks Aliera on a date, and she rearranges her schedule to meet him at Grand Central Station.  Then, things start getting weird.  With her fencing mask on, Aliera can see all kinds of strange people, and creatures… are these, faeries?   What she thought was a fake plastic gem on the end of her fencing foil might be a ruby from the Seellie Court? And what’s really going on with Avery?

Find out in Foiled.

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