Teen Movie Review: The Green Hornet

ONE rich guy had a son and took all his hopes and dreams away from him. He wanted him to be more grown up, but all he wanted to do was have fun. So when that little kid grew up he became a hopeless drunk and all he did was get drunk and bring girls home and break stuff. Then one day his father died and everything was left to the son, even the family newspaper that they owned. The son wasn’t doing so well ever since his father died. He been getting more and more careless. He woke up one morning in a grumpy mood expecting his coffee to be made exactly the way it always was. When the house maid brought him his coffee, it tasted like crap. He whipped his cup at the wall and demanded to know who made his coffee.  She said the mechanic. He thought she was lying. So he went to go see the mechanic and it turns out the house maid was right.  It also turns out that he is even better than just a coffee maker,  he also makes some pretty nasty cars. And even one with weapons. So the rich guy’s son had an idea one night when they were out cutting the metal head off his father’s statue and they saw someone in need of their assistance.  They could be heroes and villains.  They could cause crime and stop it. So together they were the Green Hornet and his trusty sidekick.  The son’s newspaper started to get better after they had a new assistant write about the green hornet and the justice he brings to the city.

This is a good movie because it has action.  It is a funny and sad movie.

Andrew C.

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