Summer Reading 2013

 Summer Reading at the Chicopee Public Library
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This year’s raffle prizes: an iTunes gift card, a Barnes & Noble gift card, Movie Tickets, a coupon for a free pizza, and a Manga Drawing Kit.

The more you read the more chances you have to win!

Summer reading reviews that really rock

Is having to write a summer reading review keeping you from signing up for the summer reading program?  Sound too much like a school assignment?

Not to worry. It only takes a few minutes and whether you liked a book or hated it writing a review gives you the chance to voice your opinion about something you accomplished.      Plus, it gives you a chance at a raffle prize.

The best thing to include in a review is the answer to the question “Why?” If you hated a character say what it was that you hated. For example, “The main character was annoying because they couldn’t stop talking about their need for mushroom pizza.” Or, “There was so much action in this book I couldn’t put it down.”

Try not to think about writing a review as an assignment, but a chance to say something that may help a friend decide what their next read will be.

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