Teen Tech Week Computer Lab Challenge

Come to the lab on Wednesday March 7 @ 3:00 to complete creative online challenges or try them out on your own.

1. How Secure is Your Password?
Type in a password at howsecureisyourpassword.net to find out!

2. Minecraft Machines
*note for those at home: you need to have a Minecraft account to do this one

Put your redstone to good use and make a machine in Minecraft.
Start a single player world in creative mode.
Use this wiki page for inspiration and instruction.
Make the most complex machine you can!

3. Make a Meme

Use the imgflip meme generator to make a meme about the library.








4. Creative Hacking

Use the X-ray Goggles from Mozilla’s Hackasaurus project to take apart the HTML code and make your mark on your favorite webpage.

Change this into this…