Naval Enlistments


Naval Enlistments

The following-named persons, residents of Chicopee, served in the United States Navy. The time and place of enlistment, and the name of the vessel on which they shipped, are given.

(Time) (Name) (Place) (Vessel)
Aug. 15, 1862 Henry M. Smith New York “Connecticut”
“ “ John Chapin
Aug. 16 “ Jacob H. Lowell Boston “Ossipee”
Frederick Titcomb “
Jan. 1864 Stephen Driscoll “ “Santiago de Cuba.”
“ “ Patrick Moriarty “ “Massachusetts”
March “ James Moriarty New York “Brooklyn”
Dec. 25, 1862 Andrew Chapman Boston “Minnesota”
1861 William F. Chapman “Hartford”
Dec. 25, 1862 Emory Knapp Boston “Minnesota”
Feb. 6, 1864 H. C. Trask “ “Osceola”
“ “ John B. Harring “ “Massasoit”
March 5, Daniel E. Frazier “ “Pasco”
“ “ Geroge Taylor “ “Pasco”
“ 4, W.H. Smith “ “Cherokee”
“ “ Austin d. Sheldon “
June “ Arthur M. Burns “
Sept. 1863 A. Everett Hibbard “ “Niagara”
Aug. 15, 1862 Adolphus Maynard New York “Norwich”
Sept. 1861 Samuel Huse Boston “James Adger”
July, 1864 James Lind “
August, 1861 John Slattery New York “Augusta”
May, 1864 Daniel Luhill "
“ Patrick Casey “
Aug. 4, 1861 Morris Whalen “ “Gen. Portman”
Sept. 30, 1863 Peter Donelly “ “Minnesota”
March 27, 1864 Richard Murphy “ “Brooklyn”
“ “ Jeremiah Foles “
“ “ Michael Moriarty “
Sept. 1861 James L. Marshall Brooklyn, N.Y. “Wabash”
Dec. 10, 1863 John F. Matson Boston
May 1864 George Garrity Chicago “Chickasaw”
July, 1863 John Sullivan New York “Fort Jackson”
Patrick Barry
James Mitchell
John Moriarty
June, 1861 Austin Dow Boston “Kennebee”
Dennis Reding

The following named non-residents of the town were assigned by the state authorities in 1864 to the credit of Chicopee from the state at large; they were all enlisted in the navy;

Justus Buck James P. Knowles
George Beeven B.B. Knowlton
John Brown Edward Lynch
William Bean Albert S. Mosher
Alexander J. Bullan Richard G. Neagle
John Bell John Nelson
David Evans Jacob S. Paulton
George H. Edmunds Horace B. Pratt
Francis Garrison Richard Proctor
Thomas C.W. Gale Edwin Phinney
Michael Garrigan Simeon Pickering
Frederic Gookin Joseph Petterson
John A. Gates Martin Pruden
Charles J. Green William Pond
John Gillis Levi Pert
Isaac H. Gardminer Eubulas Palmer
William H. Kitching, Jr. Thomas Patten
William Knapp Joseph Pierce
Joseph Knight George H. Russell
John Reneve James Reynolds
Freeman W. Robinson James F. Webb
Rufus D. Rogers James E. Walsh
William Rose William Wedlig
John Willson John F. Wright
Charles Wilson Severance Wade
Washington A. Worster


ca. 1861-1865


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