The Draft of 1864


The Draft of 1864
On the 20th day of May a draft was commenced at Springfield for Chicopee, and continued subsequently on June 10th, June 20th, and July 9th._The names were drawn in the following order, and the persons disposed of as specified against the several names:_
May 20th
Thomas Taylor Died previous to the draft.
Isaac Whitney Never reported for examination
Patrick O’Connor Never reported for examination
Henry F. Appleton Paid Commutation
Albert A. Wait Paid commutation
Quarters J. Smith Paid commutation
Milton M. Kneeland Never Reported for examination
Oliver A.H. Pond Exempted for disability
James O’Donnell Exempted-(over age)
William E. Wheeler Held to service
Henry McCann Paid commutation
Moses S. Kellogg Exempted for disability
Edmund O’Keefe Exempted for disability
Martin Newell Exempted for disability
Frank Bridgman Exempted-(Non resident)
Thomas Mansfield Never reported for examination
Joseph A. Carter Furnished a substitute
Andrew P. Chapin Furnished a substitute
Alpheus Underwood Exempted for disability
Henry D. Nye Never reported for examination
John N. Sawtell Paid commutation
Patrick McCallagan Exempted for alienage
Milo Hutchinson Never reported for examination
Andrew Stabbins Exempted-(Non resident)
Leonard M. Peebles Exempted for disability
Albert Woodworth Paid Commutation
Dwight L. Shaw Exempted for disability
Sidney Clark Never reported for examination
Elijah Hayward Already in the service
Joseph Johnson Paid Commutation
Robert Croke Exempted for disability
George Hahn Paid commutation
Andrew Miller Paid commutation
Calvin S. Dawes Exempted for disability
David cottes Exempted for alienage
Charles Brown Paid Commutation
Edmund Rowley Never reported for examination
Daniel S. Stoddard Furnished Substitute
George Arms Furnished a substitute
Norman Day Exempted for disability
Sirrell Taylor Exempted for alienage
Charles A. Taylor Furnished a substitute
John Fitzgerald, 2ND Never reported for examination
Frederick F. Stone Furnished a substitute
Albert Slater Exempted for disability
Moses S. Younglove Exempted-(over age)
Daniel Bothwell Exempted-(non-resident)
Jonathan R. Whittemore Exempted for disability
James Carrigan Never reported for examination
Crawford A. Knapp Exempted for disability
William Gerrard Paid commutation
John Kirby Exempted for disability
Charles G. Bowman Exempted for disability
John Price Exempted for alienage
Edmund P. Stedman Paid Commutation
John Burns Exempted for alienage
Jotham D. Woolson Paid Commutation
Robert Bercell Never reported for examination
Benjamin Wheeler Exempted for disability

June 10th

Matthew Henry Already in the service
George H. Olds Furnished a substitute
Sumner Babcock Furnished a substitute
Elijah Ellsworth Furnished a substitute
Henry J. Churchill Paid Commutation
Edward Fitzgerald Exempted for disability
Henry H. Green Exempted for disability
Michael Sullivan Exempted for alienage
Andrew Lucas Exempted for alienage
John Lacy Never reported for examination
John Reardon Exempted for alienage
Michael O’Connor Exempted for alienage
Benning Leavitt, 2nd Exempted for disability
Michael Gleason Paid Commutation
Henry B. Kendall Exempted for disability
Hugh McGuire Exempted-(over age)
Otis B. Griffin Exempted for disability
Benjamin T. Jewett Paid Commutation
John Long Exempted for alienage
Horace Mann Exempted for disability
Joel Church Exempted-(over age)
Charles L. Brown Never reported for examination
Franklin A. Clark Paid Commutation
Chauncy S. Wait Exempted-(over age)
David M. Butterfield Exempted for disability
John E. Oakes Exempted for disability
Patrick Shay Never reported for examination
William P. Bellamy Exempted for disability
James Casey Paid Commutation
George R. Williams Furnished a substitute
Edward Lower Exempted-(over age)
Lawrence Toomey Paid Commutation
George H. Bellows Exempted for disability
George W. Ford Exempted for disability
Benjamin Massey Exempted for disability
Spencer J. Tirrell Paid Commutation
Lucas E. Chapin Furnished a substitute
Elijah Hanson Paid Commutation
Anson J. Jostin Exempted-(over age)
William W. Johnson Exempted-(over age)
Cornelius Haggerty Exempted for disability

June 20th

Philip Dundon Never reported for examination
George Thayer Furnished a substitute
John W. Pronty Paid commutation
James Parry Never reported for examination
Patrick St. Lawrence Exempted for alienage
Elisha H. Snow Exempted-(over age)
Amos a. Johnson Exempted for disability
William Barry Paid Commutation
George W. Robbins Exempted for disability
George Strong Never reported for examination
Thomas Ganfield Never reported for examination
Henry M. Loring Paid commutation
Ira Blanchard Never reported for examination
George Stackpole Never reported for examination
Jesse Porter Exempted for disability
Abiezer Jameson Exempted for disability
James Blarins Exempted for alienage
Eskine S. Bates Exempted for disability
James Walls Exempted for alienage
Levi Clark Exempted for disability
Charles D. Stebbins Never reported for examination
Patrick Cronin Exempted for alienage
Thomas W. Stackpole Paid commutation
Elias W. Johnson Paid commutation
Orrin Nickerson Paid commutation

June 29th

Edward J. Ireland Paid commutation
Edgar F. Paige Exempted for disability
Joseph M. Wright Furnished a substitute
William Dunham Paid commutation
Russell Barnard Exempted for disability
Hiram D. Pullen Exempted for disability
Enoch V.B. Holcomb Furnished a substitute
Henry Corbett Furnished a substitute
Joseph Merrill Never reported for examination
John Hendrick Exempted for disability
Chester Cooley Exempted for disability
James McDermott Exempted for alienage
Horace C. Barnes Paid commutation
Moses Cowles Exempted for disability
Martin H. Burns Never reported for examination
William P. Whittemore Exempted for disability
John O’Donnell, 2nd Exempted for alienage

July 9th

Francis E. Drake Exempted for disability
Albert Cushman Exempted for disability
James McLaughlin Exempted for alienage
David A. Taylor Exempted for disability
Arthur M. Burns Held to service
Frank Graves Paid commutation
George W. Cobb Exempted for disability
Orrin E. Darling Furnished a substitute
William P. Thompson Paid commutation
George N. Herring Exempted for disability
George Philbrick Exempted for disability
Price H.M. Brooks Furnished a substitute
Monroe Anderson Furnished a substitute
James N. Thayer Exempted for disability
Morton B. Merrill Furnished a substitute
George E. Joslin Paid commutation


ca. 1861-1865


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