Richard H. Smith, Civil War Soldier


Richard H. Smith
Born in Chicopee, Mass._Son of Martin Smith,_by occupationa Machinist,_Unmarried,_at the age of 18 enlisted for three years in the 16th Regiment of Infantry, Conn. Vols._Company H._He signed the enlistment roll at Manchester, Conn. July 30th, 1862, and went into camp with the regiment at Hartford, about the tenth of August.
Broke camp August 29th, and arrived at Washington, on Sunday the 31st._September 1st advanced to Fairfax Seminary, Va._September 7th returned to Washington; thence commenced the march through Maryland, arriving at Frederick City on the 14th._
At this point, Smith was left in the hospital, where he remained till the 24th;_On the morning of the 25th he arrived in Baltimore, and at noon entered the hospital at Fort McHenry.
During the month of November, he became convalescent, so that he performed detailed duty in the discharging office.
November 30th; 1862, he was discharged from the service; he at once returned to Chcopee.


ca. 1861-1865


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