William P. Ramsdell, Civil War Soldier


William P. Ramsdell
Born in Belchertown, Mass._Son of Porter Ramsdell,_by occupation a Machiniest,_Unmarried,_at the age of 28 enlisted for three years in the 14th Regiment of Infantry, Conn. Vols. Company D._He signed the enlistment roll, July 24th, 1862, at Rockville, Conn. and went into camp with the regiment at Hartford.
August 25th, 1862, broke camp and proceeded to Washington. Staid there one day, and went to “Camp Ethan Allen”, beyond Alexandria, Va._One week after, the regiment was ordered to proceed through Maryland and to participate in the campaign in that state.
September 17th; 1862, in the Battle of Antietam, while the regiment was changing position, Ramsdell was instantly killed by a fragment of shell, which struck the back part of his skull, and literally tore his head in pieces. Two comrades by his side were killed at the same time, and four others wounded. The three killed were buried together in one grave.
Ramsdell’s body was soon after exhumed, brought to Chicopee, and buried in Maple Grove Cemetery.


ca. 1861-1865


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