Chronology (June 23, 1863 - October 5, 1864)


June 23rd, an order was received from headquarters of the army, calling for one hundred and twenty five men to guard a valuable commissary train to Gainesville; a high compliment to the regiment, and the duty important and dangerous, as this was the first train from Manassas Junction to Gainesville for seven months. On the 24th, marched to Centreville. June 26th, marched to Drainesville. Next morning, crossed the Potomac at Edwards Ferry, on pontoons, marched within two miles of Poolesville, Md. and halted for the nighr. On the 28th, detailed as rear guard for the corps, and had to march in rear of the corps trains. Arrived at Newmarket a little past midnight. June 30th, passed through Westminster.
July 2nd, arrived at Gettysburg, Pa. and was put into the first line of battle. The next day, was held in reserve, and marched from point to point to strengthen the weak parts of the line; at one time passing under the concentrated fire of over a hundred pieces of rebel cannon. July 4th, was on the skirmish line. July 5th, started in pursuit of the retreating rebels, coming up with them near Hagerstown. July 12th, followed their retreat to near Williamsport. July 14th entered Williamsport. On the 15th and 16th marched to Berlin. On the 19th crossed the Potomac into Virginia. July 24th, was at Manassas Gap. On the 25th, arrived at Warrenton and went into camp.
September 15th marched to Sulphur Springs. Next day, marched to Stone House Mountain, near Culpepper Court House. October 1st, were again on the march, and arrived at Bristow on the 13th. Oct. 14th marched to Centreville. On the 19th, advanced to Gainesville, and on the 20th to Warrenton.
November 7th, advanced to Rappahannook Station, where the enemy held an intrenched position, and in the battle of that place and date the Tenth was engaged as support for artillery. ___ November 9th, marched to Kelly's Ford. On the 12th, marched to Brandy Station, and camped there till the 26th; when the regiment broke camp and crossed the Rapidan at Jacob's Ford that night. In the eight days campaign in the Wilderness, west of Fredericksburg, the Tenth had some severe marching, lay in line of battle, and December 1st, was put on picket, and left to cover the retreat of the army. On the morning of December 2nd, the Tenth was withdrawn from the picket line, and recrossed the Rapidan; arrived at camp near Brandy Station about noon of December 3rd. {unreadable} remained on outpost, fatigue {unreadable} and the usual routine of camp duty the 27th Feb. 1864. During this time about one-fourth of the Reg. re-enlisted, and rec'd the prescribed furlough of 35 days. 27th Feb., the 6th Corps, to which Reg. was attached, left camp at Brandy Station as a support to Gen. Custer's cavalry force. Marched through Culpepper and Thoroughfair Gap, crossed Robertson's River, and took position on an elevated plain. Returned to camp by 2d March after having suffered considerably from rain and snow. May 4, with the Potomac Army, broke camp, and crossed the Rapidan. On the 5th met and engaged the rebels in the Wilderness. Here, on account of the peculiar nature of the ground and because of a destructive fire


ca. 1861-1865


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