Erin’s Pick of the Week (or so): Anya’s Ghost

How would you like to have your own ghost? A secret invisible friend, who could do things for you like helping you find out the answers on a tough test, or finding out where that cute boy or girl will be between classes, or scaring your little brother… Sounds good, right? Um, maybe not.  

For Russian American teen Anya, things are not going so well.  She feels fat, she’s bored at school, and she doesn’t really have any friends.  When an accident puts her face to face with the ghost of Emily Reilly, things get a bit more interesting.  But what is this ghost really after? Anya is about to find out.

Drawn in a black and white style that is reminsicent of Persepolis, the visuals of this comic book convey a lot of action and expression.  Anya’s moods show clearly on her face, school scenes look realistic, and more supernatural scenes take on a life of their own.  Over the course of a straightforward story, Anya faces fears, finds friends, and makes a bit of peace with her imperfections.  A quick, fun, read for anybody who likes stories where strange things happen to average teens.

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